Sunday, July 01, 2007

Helpers on the Creek Bank and Star Gazers!

As usual I sit in my Nook supping coffee and ruminate possible event s of the day. Aside from the total chaos with the roofers, they are almost finished. But then that, as it always seems to do, leads into yet another project. This morning two doe were on the Creek bank where I had already started clearing. I watched carefully to see what they were nibbling determined to leave that for them. I have gotten 1/3 of the Bank started. It is a tedious job in many respects. One ya gotta shimmy down to the base of the Creek bed and work up. Also being by the Creek and rocks one needs to always be ready to see FRED. Fred is the name I have given to any snake, except the copperheads, for many years. Have no clue how that name stuck but stuck it has. The next part of the task is that I use clippers because there are many volunteer saplings that we want to keep. We have some volunteer Sugar Maples, as well as a few Water Willows and several Tulip Poplars. The trunks of the Sugar Maples and the Tulip Poplar will eventually be less shaggy than the Box elders. The Water Willow is a gentle look on the Creek bank as well. I admit when I come upon a BOX ELDER [(Acer negundo)] also commonly known as ashleaf maple, I go at it. Those trees, to be are ungainly and a nuisance, as they sprout up EVERYWHERE. I will have to admit while I have at it with them most of the time I did have two larger ones trimmed and spiffed up in the upper Dreen area. YA my Sweetie was caught off guard on that one. The seeds are a source of food for birds and mammals, and are important because they stay on the tree through winter, when other food resources are scarce. But at any Hoot back to the story. After I prepare my Sweetie his Farmers Breakfast I will skinny down to the Creek bank to see if I can make some progress. Then maybe by early evening we, Sweetie and I can put together his surprise I got for him while he and youngest son were in DC assisting daughter and son in-laws move to their FIRST HOME. Tee hee News and Pictures at ELEVEN! Meanwhile the Lilium “Stargazer Lilies”… Enjoy! The lily family has traditionally represented innocence and purity. These motifs appeared as far back as ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and reappeared in biblical traditions. Check out the Time Lapse !


Alyssa said...

Wow, it sounds like you've got quite a project started with the creek. Is there always water in it? How lucky you are to have water on your property!

We've got some Box Elders here but they tend to break so easily that they don't last long. As a child, we had a huge Box Elder in the yard that was the center of lots of our playing activities. And it was so easy to climb that we were always up in it spying on the others.

I'm very curious as to what the "surprise" is that you and your hubby will be putting together. I'll be checking back later.

Don't you think lily-time is the best part of the blooming season???
Love the pictures.


DeeMom said...


We have yet to see the Creek run dry…low but never dry. As for hubby’s surprise SOON I hope! Lily-time is HEAVEN SCENT for sure!

Re the pictures ~~ Thanks ;)

Ki said...

I don't see many box elder trees in NJ but we had one in our yard when we lived in Iowa many years ago. It was a rubbish tree, always dropping large branches in a storm. We rented the place so we couldn't get rid of the tree.

Wow, copperheads? I only saw an eight inch long baby that someone had caught. Even at that age it was pretty nasty trying to bite the person holding it.

The stargazer lilies are especially nice because you can see the inner parts.