Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fantabolous Weekend

More later, BUT Bottom line so wonderful seeing all and meeting new great people here good vibes! Posted by Picasa The Sculpture!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Every have one of THOSE DAYS?

Ya know the ones when you could laugh at the most insignificant thing ever? Like when ya breathe and your nose on inhaling makes a weird noise. Ya like on the TV sitcom, the name does not come to me. Then you laugh then you get tickled ‘cause ya laughed which makes you laugh more. Almost to the point you are laughing so hard your SNORT? OK I snorted! HA! Or you read something that for NO apparent reason makes you Guffaw! Almost better than a cup of coffee to start your morning... Obviously I am having such a day! An S & G day! I was looking at the Calls; one was running around in circles. That made me a tad concerned. I watched it, held it, released it then to my relief it drank more water ran around again then plumped down, looked up at me, cocked its tiny head and WINKED. Ummm sort of like a dog, how weird is that. There are Bird Dogs, guess this is a Dog duck? GADS it imprinted on George! Then there is the fact that Chuck lost his jaw or is he just out of LINE? Umm gift idea for Father’s Day! Well ya had to be there. My Sweetie was working on the Koi pond and the chuck was not working, I got tickled as this thought popped into my cranium! You know how that goes? The body is consisted into three parts---the brainium, the borax and the abdominal cavity. The brainium contains the brain; the borax contains the heart and lungs, and the abdominal cavity contains the five bowels, A, E, I, O, and U. Venus Meets a Planet Named George It may not be the ONION, but there is some darned good tongue and cheek comments, if you read it the way I did! Posted by Picasa

FOWL, Coy, even 'zwerg'

A "brouhaha" in the early hours of the dawning light; Scramble, wash the face, get shoes on a go forth to the PO. 6:41 am the call came in piercing the silence that I enjoy in the misty morning. I arrive and draw together the babies into a preheated automobile. Ye gads it was 34 degrees brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! My toes were all a quiver. In German, the Call Duck is known by the title ’zwerg’, meaning 'dwarf'. Call ducks were originally known as Coy ducks or decoy ducks from the Dutch word de kooi meaning 'trap'. We now have 15 ducklings…as well as last week’s new residents! One dozen PEEPS! Peeps are cute little chicks that are very very sweet (kind of like my sweetie!) AKA
The lord of the PEEPS!!!
I did find this rather interesting site as I was gathering information on the Calls! Mom Goose is still nestled at the base of on of the pine trees. While the Mom Goose that was trying to invade my garden relocated among the greenbrier close to a utility pole. The Three Dudes have started bringing me tokens of their love. YUP carcasses of moles!!! The wisteria is almost totally blooming; the asparagus is shooting forth in magnificent profusion; one of my fav veggies.
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A=(pi) r^2 Apple pies r square

OR in the case P==(pi) r^2 Pecan Pie r square I finally found the document on all the pies I made when our daughter moved from one apt. to another. Here is the list CAUSE I owe someone TWO pies. I hope this helps! 1. CHOCOLATE BOURBON PECAN PIE 2. MAPLE BOURBON PECAN PIE *** 3. PECAN PIE WITH KAHLUA AND CHOCOLATE*** CHIPS So I shall pick two [note the ***] and get the ingredients after I read to my Third Graders. They should be made Thursday because freshness is important. I figure they will make the trip with little problem. Then to deliver them to the T! Umm maybe I should make 4, 2 for the T and 2 for daughters and soon to be son in law! What ya all think ‘bout that?

Monday, April 24, 2006

April 29, 2006

The 21st Annual General Lightburn 5K and One Miler OR The first Bridal Shower. No competition here I am off to DC for a very important date. I am just so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bengal Couple

Lisa has a new kitten Here are a few of the latest pictures of their Calvin. He is going on 12 weeks old. His girlfriend just got in Friday night from New Orleans. They have decided to name her, "Grrr Lee". Grrr Lee is in the collage.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Squish, Smoosch, Slurp, Slip and Glide

Walking in soaking wet tenny pumps. If you calculate your gate you can walk in rhythm. Sorta like walking when you are wearing cords, they sing; or driving over a road where they have re surfaced the cracks. If you maintain a certain speed, a syncopated rhythm becomes so obvious that a song comes to mind. Then you intently try to maintain that speed, then you figure out other song, scores, cadences that will work. So it rained, and rained and rained. Some of the Koi ponds efforts were disrupted. As I was walking passed the pond I heard the pump sucking for air. Upon further investigation it was apparent that the upper pond had spilled over and went to the underneath of the lower pond. I placed my hand in the pond so I could retrieve the pump. The swelling, from below was as large and darned close to the same shape as a woman’s belly at the 9th month. I pulled the plug so the pump would not burn up. The frogs, now numbering 3 of one species and 2 of another peered at me with upset eyes. I had disrupted their Spring Rituals. Now we need to wait for the drainage to begin before we can remedy the situation. Meanwhile back at the ranch… It appears that finally the Wisteria tree is going to bloom. Ella was so right in telling me how to cause this to occur. Thin out unwanted mature stems in winter (January) and head back new growth in summer (July). Over wintering flower buds occur in spurlike twigs that must be watched for, not broken or pruned off if flowers are to be seen. In this manner wisteria are similar to apple trees, although their flowering spurs are even more fragile and easily lost to clumsiness or lack of awareness. If your climber is all over the place it may not need to be fertilized at all. At any rate, always sample your soil and have it analyzed before fertilizing. Use soil test report to choose appropriate formulation, if any fertilizing is indicated. Re: the Panda post on Ruth and Matt’s blog. It sure brought back wonderful memories. I remember taking you all to the DC Zoo in the late 80’s when Ling - Ling and Hsing – Hsing were the DC darlings. How amazing they were!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to the BARD

A weekend of fun for the Bard’s birthday That would be so neat to be able to be there! Shakespeare’s precise birth date is not known; he was baptized on 26 April 1564, and over time 23 April has become the accepted date of birth, in part because he also died on 23 April in 1616.

It is time to RAMP!

WILD RAMPS: They look a bit like a scallion, but with a flatterleaf that's tinged with purple. They have a strong, pungent flavor - sometimes described as an "attitude" - that falls somewhere between an onion and garlic with just a touch of cabbage thrown in. Spring is the end of winter,but it's also the beginning of a three - -month long festival of wild gourmet treats that are accessible to anyone who's daring enough to try something just a tad off of the beaten path. The rest is up to you! "The Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink," the word ramp comes from "rams," or "ramson," an Elizabethan dialect rendering of the wild garlic. The word is first mentioned in English print in 1530, but was used earlier by English immigrants of the southern Appalachian Mountains Ramps grow from South Carolina to Canada, and in many areas they're considered a spring delicacy and even a reason for celebration. West Virginia is well known for their many festivals and events in celebration of the ramp. Bet ya can guess what is being served here this weekend!

Friday, April 21, 2006

So much to celebrate!

When I was drifting toward wakefulness this morning I heard the odd noise. I drifted back to sleep and envisioned my self back at the Atlanta Botanical gardens in the Orchid house with the frogs. I again awakened and decided to ease out of bed and go forth with the morning tasks. Good golly it was almost 7 am. There was a low hanging fog outside as well as in my morning brain. The last task was to feed George and open the cold frame so the plants could awake as well. It was then I heard this melodious trilling. I gazed deep into the meadow thinking it was emanating from the subterranean aquifer. I started back to the deck it was then I realized the sound was coming from the Koi pond. What a thrill we have new residents. Yes frogs! The song that popped into my head was The Three Dog Night doing Celebrate! Relishing in the excitement of the work we have been doing, although it is not finished, led me to thinking about coming events. My first Wedding shower, as the MOB is quickly imminent, rather thrilling. Decisions on what to be dressed in, shoes, GADS even stockings all sorts of neat bits and pieces. All of this got me looking into the lore of showers. There was one I read. This I had visualization of this NEVER occurring. An old Scottish belief for good fortune: A bride should be met at the door after the wedding ceremony by her mother, who must then break a currant bun over her daughter's head. The mere thought of this had me rolling on the floor. HA! We also have a pending birth of another cousin. Lets see an Aunt to 7, great Aunt to 6 males, and 1 girl. How neat is that. Of course two May Birthdays and the BIGGIE in June THE WEDDING! You see there is a lot to CELEBRATE!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Last evening we sat after getting three more boards ready for the Koi pond. One late bloomer Mom goose decided she was going to AGAIN build her nest in the only flower bed I have that is not a ‘raised’ one. I raked her out, which is I used the rake to discourage her attempts to nest. I only waved it so she would think my WING SPAN was bigger. NOW before you get upset with me allow an explanation. Last year she devastated my newest flower garden area. The entire Iris grouping was eaten, the lavender was consumed and because she was nesting I could not maintain what was left of this area. Last fall I placed post on the perimeter of the garden and purchased plastic fencing fearing that next spring she would return to the same spot. My sweetie and I had the fencing up while we were in Atlanta and last weekend thought it would be safe to remove it. HA! Last night it was apparent that the scolding and ‘RAKING” was having no impact on her, she was bound to do it her way. I re installed the fencing and we once again sat down admiring the progress of the Koi pond. Our attention was drawn from surveying our project to the disgruntled goose. Now I tell ya what I cannot be totally sure about this BUT I do believe she was not saying nice things about me. She circled the area a good half dozen times before we went in for the evening, giving me the EVIL EYE. She was not a happy camper. I think one of those Honks was a major BAD word. If looks could kill I would have been gone. My sweetie gave me one of those Basset Hound looks and lamented I should allow her to nest in that location. If we did not have many other places and areas for her to nest I would have…BUT! I suppose I could have told her to BITE ME, but then realized she COULD if she had really wanted to.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

EARTH DAY April 22, 2006

Yesterday was very productive as I transplanted about 30 tomato plants and 5 pepper plants into our NEW AND IMPROVED Cold frame. [See posting;”It is all about being framed!”] My sweetie has maintained a garden for many years. This year I will be joining his efforts as time is on myside. I will tell you my garlic is to die for. Place an early order for Christmas, or come down to help harvest in late July! Last Year You Planted A Tree This Year, Plant A, very interesting. April 22, 2006 is the thirty-sixth celebration of Earth Day. This year's theme is Climate Change as Earth Day Network embarks on a three-year campaign focusing on solutions to global warming. Although ideally everyday should be Earth Day, the annual holiday presents the perfect opportunity to learn more about ecology and the environment. Goodness back to food ey? Ummmmmmmm one might think I am a FOODIE!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom! West Virginia Primary Election May 9! Early in-person voting starts April 19, and ends May 6, for the 2006 Primary elections to be held Tuesday, May 9. No excuses just VOTE! Then you have the right to complain! Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Who spilled the beans?

LISA is a RAT FINK… Not really, BUT consider this, she showed me a bag of the fattest, juiciest Jellybeans …there they were 5 feet from my grasp. What do you think I did? One has to give her credit; the Beans were not spread out in carefree abandon. NO they were in a hidden cabinet and still in their package. SEALED still so that no luscious aromas would penetrate my nostrils. The cookout, the weather, and the company were perfect. The men folk shot while we looked on. Somehow I was not quite in the mood to shoot. I Aim to please…Heck if I am going to be placed in a competition, then I need to be mentally ready to once again show off what my Daddy taught me! When I told young Fred I was taking his picture for is FAV babysitter [cousin] he puffed up with the greatest smile and posed for you Ussmartina! The salad and dessert were well received and Jeannie’s FAMOUS deviled eggs were divine. There were just enough leftovers for everyone that we can have an instant replay later this day. Well except for the dessert, I would not bring the last serving home. Lisa thinks it will be a perfect breakfast. Makes sense it has Fruit in it! As for the pending question on whether or not I succumbed to Lisa’s Bribe…who will spill those beans?
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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lightning Strikes Again and Again It was a steamy spring evening as we walked hand and hand over the warm concrete. The electricity in the air as he went to the shelves and I in plants we finally reconnected in the stones. Ya see there is a 60’s theme going on here. The chicken coop {The next Project} Supplies obtained! Then back to the Funny Farm. It was a warm and sultry dusk as we sat on the deck. Keeping our surveillance on yet an additional storm that was blanketing the sky. It became a Lou Christie evening. Lighting was streaming down in broad bands as a hush came over the birds. Punctuated with the trills of the Spring Peepers/ Pseudacris crucifer! They seemed to syncopate their mating songs with the rolls of thunder.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Gosh and Gee WHIZ

After a case of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup what else is there? The perplexing query is “How do you wrap a Wheelbarrow so it looks like a book?” Where is my connection to the Papery when I need it? Alas and Alack! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 13, 2006

It is all about being framed!

Our resident Sidewalk Superintendents are Mufassah and Falcour. {Check Jelly Bean post for his picture} Not that is a bad thing, just adorable. They are in the process of mentoring one of the THREE DUDES; Twizeller. We are modifying a nearly six feet long, cold frame that encloses over 26 square feet of growing space for hardening off transplants, and will NOW feature MORE headroom (32" at peak) for mature plants.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

MOTHER GOOSE and Easter Goodies!!!!!

I consulted with the MOST HIGH “Mother GOOSE” and she advised me to ONLY prepare “Easter Baskets” if said child/children/spouses or soon to be spouses/dates / friends etc. were on the Homestead. For years she has watched the shenanigans of all of you, especially during the ‘HUNTS’ and does not want to be deprived of revisiting fond memories as well as adding new ones. HONK HONK!!! {I translated for her as she is nesting next to the pine tree where you all had your “DIRT HILL”} Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jelly Beans?

One of my New Years resolutions was that I would TRY so very hard to NOT indulge in one of my most favorite candies. Jelly Beans, especially the BLACK ONES. The grocery cart is programmed to pass the displays quickly. It is difficult; it is a VERY difficult measure to take on. So far I have abstained. But will that come to a screeching halt this weekend? We are breaking from the “traditional” Easter and having the first official family cookout with the family that is here. The menu planning is going on now. The entertainment is going to be a Target shooting competition. Can ya smell it now? Roasted wieners, Cheney’s chicken, [aka RUN FOR YOUR LIFE], Buckshot burgers, succulent potato salad, Jeannie’s FAMOUS Deviled eggs, Rambling Golden Niblets [corny] and of course a dessert that is a truly decadent chocolate. [Chambord Mousse] HA better than Black Jelly Beans, well almost! HA if you are a real FOODY Lisa and I can supply the recipes! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oo la la!

Friday: The Last full day Off to SHOP! There is a wedding coming soon I need to be ready! I was not willing to take the MARTA, I was willing to walk…but I learned of yet another great means of public transportation. The signs that read THE BUC STOPS HERE struck my Punny side. Probably a good thing I chose this means of transport, as I had changed purses, and managed to take my GAS card instead of the card I really needed. SO several trips to Dinner was going to be an experience. I had wanted to go to but waited to late in the day to book. Back to the drawing board, and Oo la la! We have, since we were a couple starting in 1971, saved corks and even wine bottles for those occasions that stood out. We still have the wine bottle we took on our Honeymoon; it has a metal hanger over it that supports six small tapers. A new bottle of a most tasty 2003 Pinot Noir The food I chose took me back to Paris the moment I tasted it, OH WOW do I like Escargots de Bourgogne! Then for the main meal Three Duck Salad; smoked duck, Foie Gras, Walnuts, Duck Confit and PÂTÉ DE CAMPAGNE. Yes I even did dessert, no more until the WEDDING!

Looks like SILK

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Botanically Speaking

Thursday While the men were at their conference Linda and I went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The weather was perfect; the flowers magnificent even down to the trilling poison dart frogs and orchids. After being in the orchid houses I had already had my facial in the gardens under glass and Orchid Hall I am getting used to my new digital camera. Soon the Wedding and I need to be READY! While my pictures are totally amateurish I still enjoy photography. Off Linda and I went to the Needle Nook, OF COURSE! HAHA! Then lunch close to the hotel to rest before yet another dining experience.


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more frogs?

This should be at our place! Posted by Picasa

Swimming upstream?

OR MARTA HELP! Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Wednesday: The first full day. We went on a LONG trek to locate the Georgia Aquarium. The TREK back was longer but a good thing as we ate really WELL! So a 4-mile walk was good. The almost 2 hours there was NOT enough time. One of the most amazing displays I saw was some Leafy Sea Dragons. We have seen this restaurant many times when we visited our daughter’s and soon to be son in law in DC. There are so many good places and restaurants to check out no matter the city. This one for sure was a great experience.
I really like frogs. This was one from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Posted by Picasa


OR The Mantra experience in the TUNNELS It was an overcast, foggy, rainy and gloomy day as we were driving back from Atlanta. As I entered the first tunnel I was in front of two semis. I know that speed through tunnels is to be reduced, I also THOUGHT I knew that you are cautioned NOT to change lanes while going through the tunnels. This however was not the case. At the time I did not realize the two tunnels I drove through were exceptions. The neat part, or at least I thought so, was my reactions to the sounds. Big Walker Mountain near Bland and the East River Mountain Tunnel near Bluefield. There's something else uncommon about the two I-77 tunnels, they both permit motorists to change lanes while inside them. As the truckers down shifted the sounds were totally Tibetan, the probably aggravations on their part seemed to heighten the rumbling guttural sounds that radiated from their 18 wheels. I felt like I was in some Lost Horizon flick [1937 movie based on the book by James Hilton] A mantra is a pure sound-vibration intended to deliver the mind from illusion and material inclinations.