Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Anniversary coming soon

OR SOCKET /Shock it to me! Many Americans remember Judy Carne and others saying “sock it to me” on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In between 1968 and 1973, I do remember both front-running presidential candidates in 1968 were invited to make cameo appearances on the show just before the general election. Richard Nixon accepted and deadpanned, "Sock it to me?" on camera. 'Hubert Humphrey' declined. Also, it was because of Nixon's appearance, that many credited Laugh-In with helping Nixon get elected to the presidency. Doing a bit of research I learned some possible origins if the phrase SOCK IT TO ME! A book about the American Civil War, published in 1866, which contains this line: “Now then, tell General Emory if they attack him again to go after them, and to follow them up, and to sock it to them, and to give them the devil”. The phrase to give someone sock, to give someone a thrashing. These date back to the late seventeenth century in Britain, and were presumably carried to the USA by emigrants. This past weekend my Sweetie asked what we should do this year for our Anniversary. A get Away or something he queried and what would you like as a gift? Yikes it is almost August where has my summer gone? May began Sarah’s Pond then the day before my Birthday [June 13] the roofers arrive, July 13 the Gutter crew arrives, July 23 the painters arrived. All I would want is to have all the major projects FINISHED. To sit and enjoy the peace and quiet, then I could sit and looking into my Sweeties eyes savoring the thirty-six years of knowing him. Not much to ask is it? Perhaps, a card or better yet several cards in hidden locations, dinner here without PEOPLE around! The ceramic light sockets in two ceiling lights/fans need replaced…[one in each] I will even help! See I did think of something I needed and it will benefit everyone.

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