Friday, July 06, 2007


Convex Concave Spherical Hemispherical Globular body of air Effervescent Colors
The fascination lingers, when bubble meets another.
Cooking: Blanch, Boil and Simmer
Double, double toil and trouble;
burn, and cauldron bubble. Act 4, Scene 1, MacBeth, William Shakespeare The bubbles you had when a child…the bubbles a waterfall makes.
Bubbles in the bathtub ~
Champagne ~~~~~~~~~~~ The Bubbly The bubbles that appear on a freshly treated piece of lumber, as if a troupe of dancers have begun the ballet. Much more ethereal than bubble wrap… The roofers will be out of here today. All that remains is finishing the light wells! Life is Good!


Alyssa said...

What an inventive post! I think everyone likes bubbles or is fascinated by them. Possibly their etheral nature and beauty. I still like to sit outside with "bubble stuff" and a wand and see what I can create. I love to watch them drift on the slightest of breezes and see how high they will go.


DeeMom said...

Thanks for the compliment

Yup Alyssa, and looking into the bubble as it reflects the reverse of what the eye sees. So awesome! Or even how a bubble last a little longer on a leaf, or the cats being totally into trying to lick them off their coats. Darn near as much fun as watching clouds and determining what the shapes are.

Sounds like the beginning of an adventure for a sunny day!

I still have a Jar of bubbles on the Deck. I even cheat sometimes and use a battery operated bubble maker.