Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sole Terms

Goodness the roofers are really NOT here and in less than 24 hours my sanity has returned. Bliss to my ears no radio blaring 9 hours a day with the decibel level to the max. I am totally stunned because today I witnessed something of monumental proportions. While I will confess I horde things, like yarn for knitting and even secretly hide my colorful Sharpies. I also have a secret place for garden tools as well. I just never thought I would see the day my Sweetie ACTUALLY threw anything away. Almost thirty-six years and in just the beginning of a day not ONE PAIR but two olde pairs of shoes hit the CAN. HA The puns began forming in my head. Post this I said take those shoes back out and let me grab my Camera. I will be taking a picture of the HA HA “LAST” of these shoes. Well my hubby was a good olds “SOLE” and accommodated my whim. But then my Sweetie has “POLISH” even though some might think him a “Heel” HA! Ya see he is really “INSTEP” with the times, but I tend to be the “VAMP” in this family “Tree” HA and I have been known to toot my “HORN”, but then so does my Sweetie he does not want to appear to be “OUT Soled”. Happy Weekend.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Haha! I bet it was a real PUN-ishment for him to have his secrets posted on the web.....:).

DeeMom said...

LOL Iowa, I smell what ya be stepping in. In all honesty I read him the post to be sure he was OK with the LIBERTIES I take. HE is such a good sport. Later in the day he messed with youngest sons mind and told him, the son, he, the hubby had tossed out the sons shoes…. TWAS funny!

Heck Fire even some of MY secrets.