Monday, July 09, 2007

Beyond the Pagoda

Past the Lilacs Gazing into secluded vistas across the “Dreen”


Ki said...

What's a dreen?

DeeMom said...

Good question KI.

How to explain “dreen”~~~

Consider this house being at least 120 years old, we are the third residents. The niece of the original owners lived next to us. We were fortunate to become good neighbors and in that relationship we learned much about her Aunt and Uncle and their family.

Many references, as the “Dreen” goes back to possibly and
Appalachian Dialect, meaning a cross between a Drain and a Stream, Which this body of water is. There is the Creek; some call it a Crick, then there is the Dreen. In defense to it being called a CRICK, this is not the cast on this particular stream of water being referenced as a Creek. Therefore I take issue when someone Not from the area maintains it is a CRICK.

Not that I am a purest but I believe in maintaining as much of the history as it relates to where we live as well as passing the information along.

We have chosen to continue to call it what it was referred to back then as a source of history and reference to that time. For a long time the Creek was considered a navigable waterway, but not to lets say commercial Barge traffic.

Oh my I have gone on and on a tad too much KI.

Ki said...

Not at all deemom. I found your explanation quite interesting. I love esoterica.