Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bits and pieces of Flora to focus upon


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Your Sedum is showing color already??? Oh no, you know what that means. :). Lovely hydrangea, zinnias, daylilies, lilies, mallows, buddleia, hollyhock, phlox but what is the small white bloom in the sixth photo and also the other small white bloom, the 10th photo?

Alyssa said...

Hi DeeMom - Very pretty photos. My favorite is the white double balloon flower. It's so lovely. And I can never see enough liles.


DeeMom said...

Iowa our Sedum IS showing color, think it has to do with the lack of rainfall?

Thanks you two for Popping in…

# 6 as Alyssa mentioned is the double balloon flower
The Tenth is Silver Lace Vine [Fallopia Aubertii]

Tall 60' - Plant 8' apart. zone 4-8 Rapidly climbs or covers an unsightly fence or pole. Produces a myriad of silver white flowers in summer. Will cover an old barn or building in just a few years.
Here is a site on the vine:

Ki said...

A very nice selection of blooms. I do like the sedum and phlox. Is the Hydragea paniculata a 'Limelight'?

DeeMom said...

Yes KI it is a Limelight, this is its first bloom year and I am very pleased.
Thanks to you all for the compliments as well.