Thursday, July 19, 2007

Contemplations for the weekend!

My Sweetie and I sat in the new Gazebo that I gotten for him July 1 we gazed at new Vistas, I got this for him to use in the Patio area he and our sons are building. Meanwhile we just put it up because …[Gazebo]! The evening before as we sat and gazed at our veggie garden we saw Mom and Dad Bluebird feeding their wee ones. I thought gee whiz I should have the camera. I opted not to get it and just sit and enjoy. Sometimes that is the best thing to do, to focus on the larger picture, so to speak. [Pun not intended, but it works HA] Last evening the nesting box was quiet. There was a temptation to peer closely into the box. We wandered into the orchard and found that the Pitiful Peach had dropped its PIT. Ummmmmm ya think Mom and Dad Bluebird shared that with their young? Sure hope so in a way, for sure the peach was too high for the deer. We have ascertained that another Peach tree will definitely have to be cut down. We have pruned judiciously every year and it is obvious that we can do no more. However or the brighter side, it will smell good in the fireplace this winter. So back to the temporary location of the Gazebo, my Sweetie said, “Ya know I sorta like this location.” as he smiled widely. It is sweet actually as we have had to take all the porch furniture off the porches and decks to get ready for the outside painters… Amazing how things evolve. Projects for this weekend??? Well HELLO ~~ July 21, 2007 the last Harry Potter Book will be available one minute past midnight …No I will NOT drive to be there to be first in line…I will wait until at least 10 am! Then before I open the book I will make my Sweetie an awesome Breakfast…THEN? HA, a race to read the book and NOT skip to the last Chapter. Today someone tried to tempt me, to tell me what had been said on a public syndicated radio program. Cindy offered to tell and to her credit asked if I wanted to know. “NOOOOOOooooooooooo” says I!

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Alyssa said...

I've pre-ordered the Harry Potter book from Walmart so I'm hoping I get it on Saturday. And then, like you, it will be a reading marathon day - or possibly weekend. I'm sure looking forward to it. And I think it sucks that some people are trying to spoil the ending for the rest of us. Have fun this weekend and I hope you won't have to wait in line too long.

I love your gazebo. We have a similar one and enjoy it a lot.