Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snap, Crackle, Crunch [pop]

I walked outside today and heard the snapping and crackling under my feet this OLD Commercial popped [hee hee] into my mind.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just imagine

Snow outside, but this day and all of these flowers it was SPRING!
The beginning prep Line the concrete container with plastic, as the H2O would otherwise leak out
mine after the first flowers, Hydrangeas
My finished product
Are the flowers not beautiful?
It was wonderful with the sunlight streaming in and the smells of SPRING were TOTALLY in that room
Hee hee Hydrangeas with no BUGS wonderful

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hoar- Frost

With the sub zero temperature here there was no doubt the high probability of seeing Hoar frost.
I wanted to take more pictures, but it was toooooooooooooooooooooo cold. I would aim at the object then my glasses would fog up and I couldn’t see what I was aiming at, HA. Then I would take the glasses off, but first had to take off my gloves, then by the time I was ready to AIM my hands were too numb to click. HA
This day the low was minus 4, not sure what it was with the wind chill factor But Tell ya what it was mighty cold. The HIGH this day was a BALMY PLUS 9
Oh well ;)
Hoar-frost first turns up in written English in 1290 as hore frost. Strictly speaking, hoar-frost is the kind of frost that turns everything it forms upon white or gray. Due to the fact that hair turns gray with age, things that are white or gray are often associated with old age and this is the original sense of hoar. Old English har and Old High German her both meant "old" or, as a secondary meaning, "venerable, august". According to, the Online Etymology Dictionary says the word 'hoar', as it pertains to frost, "It is recorded in O.E. (hoar-frost is c.1290), expressing the resemblance of the white feathers of frost to an old man's beard." The word itself came from the Proto-Germanic (P.Gmc) word har meaning "grey, venerable, old". The Germans still retain this word in the form of Herr, which is a title of respect.
Under clear frosty nights in winter soft ice crystals might form on vegetation or any object that has been chilled below freezing point by radiation cooling. This deposit of ice crystals is known as hoar frost and may sometimes be so thick that it might look like snow. The interlocking ice crystals become attached to branches of trees, leafs, hedgerows and grass blades and are one of the most prominent features of a typical 'winter wonderland' day. However, the fine 'feathers', 'needles' and 'spines' might also be found on any other object that is exposed to supersaturated air below freezing temperature.

Friday, January 16, 2009


With the Wind Chill Factor is is
MINUS 13 here as of 9 am

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today’s Musings…

This morning I looked at one of my Calendars
A silly one for the ‘Morning’ Room…

It is about supposed Country sayings,
1. If you want to compliment a cook, you might want to say…
Boy! That tasted like more!
Makes sense.
2. With the election behind us, this one made me chuckle:
Getting’ a politician to do somethin’ good for our country is like tryin’
to poke a cat out from under the porch with a rope….

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

One Last Game

Yes indeed the College Bowl Games will end on Thursday with
Oklahoma vs. Florida.
Big deal ya say?
Well maybe…ya see here we have done a “Bowl” Pick for several years.
The people that choose to play simply pick their teams and submit them to the Head Counter.
This year I passed this arduous mantle to my Sweetie.
Next step is simple $5 per person, winner takes all.
In case of a tie etc it is divided.

I have won this at least once in past years.
Winning is not the most essential item for me.
Seeing how others picked, seeing the win/loss teeter- totter is even more interesting.
Speculation… [At least on my part of - “what if this team wins and this person …]
blah blah.
We are in a semi dead heat this year.
John and I [At this point] are neck and neck with John sporting 19 wins and I with 20. Thursday if John wins, he and I tie.

Frankly a tie is how I wish it to end.
It is not about the “winning” rights, it is about respect of ALL the people that
For sure it is not about the Big Bucks either…
FUN; time possibly to sit in front of the TV with others in your family to watch some terrific football.
As for me I am still trying to learn what Football is all about.
So if I tie John, then it proves to ME, I am beginning to understand SOME aspects of the game…
Well Maybe ;)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Thursdays Moon

Thursday night we saw the moon – which is now a waxing crescent – shines to the upper left of Venus. To the lower right of the moon and Venus, you might be able to catch the planets Jupiter and Mercury near the horizon some 45 to 60 minutes after sunset.
Cute little bud of a nose ;)
Soon outside lights will be a memory ;(
For Friday check out:

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Moon and Venus ~~ New Years Eve sky

My Sweetie and I sat last evening and enjoyed this
lovely site.
The two brightest celestial bodies after the sun – the waxing crescent moon and the planet Venus – pair up together this New Year’s Eve. You’ll see them in your southwest sky at dusk and early evening. The attractive evening couple will set about 4 hours after sunset.
Thursday night we hope to see; the moon – which is now a waxing crescent – shines to the upper left of Venus. To the lower right of the moon and Venus, you might be able to catch the planets Jupiter and Mercury near the horizon some 45 to 60 minutes after sunset.

Here we GO ~ New Years Eve Day

Falcor looks out the “Morning Room” Window
Much to ponder
This year… Ummmmmmmmmmmm