Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fog or Cloud?

I have surfaced and still feel in a fog or the clouds! Almost 700 pages and the last ten or so chapters I felt I was reading with speeds analogous to the Shinkansen.*** see note Thanks to my Sweetie, who only harrassed me occassionally, the queries being , “How is Harry now?” To eldest son just smiling, while youngest son is finishing the book. I shall lend my book to eldest son as he got half way through before youngest son returned home work. I will re read the last few chapters again for sure…possibly the entire book. For now I am content KNOWING how it ended! ***Note: The Tokaido Shinkansen, connecting Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka, was inaugurated in the year 1964 as the first shinkansen line and the world's first high speed train. In 1964 the trains already run with speeds of about 200 km/h. Nowadays they reach speeds of over 300 km/h.
What fun I had riding that!


Alyssa said...

Hi DeeMom - I just finished the book. I got it in the mail Saturday and read from around 5:00 to 4:00 A.M. Then on Sunday I read from 10:00 until 3:30 A.M. - I had only 50 pages to go and Had to get to bed. Well I would not be able to sleep thinking Harry went to his doom, so I looked at the last page! I felt much better and wondered how she wrapped everything up. I was happily surprised with the ending and feel this last book is her best writing.
It was an entertaining series of books and I can't wait to see what her next project will be. And weren't you really surprised about Snape?? I never saw it coming!!

I'm going to re-read the Order of the Phoenix and see the movie. This weekend was surely fun.


DeeMom said...

Dumbledore always had faith in Snape…and seemed to understand him completely.

What was sad was Dobby ;( and Hedwig!

Order of the Phoenix was awesome; I am going to see it again.