Sunday, June 24, 2007

Will and "Pond Orca"

After a grueling day of pushing, toting that barge and lifting that bale, it was time for our sons to CHILL OUT. It is amazing what one small container of worms, a pole, and a farm pond can do for the soul. Followed by grilled steak, fresh corn on the cob and potatoes. Plus promises of letting them sleep in tomorrow. ;) The leveling out for the patio by the little Koi pond is progressing. I had to chuckle to my self when I learned of the different levels of STUFF before the Flagstone is placed. Here it is ~ G. P. S. Yup bet ya could guess what I chuckled about. Not [Global positioning system] but Gravel ~ Pea Gravel ~ Sand ~ HA, I am easily amused. Here is to the efforts of our sons and my Sweetie. Pictured is the 3.7-pound Large Mouth Bass our other son got one on his line but it was only a 6 # test line, so that one got away with some dangling monofilament. Our guess is that it was larger, but who knows? Could just be a good FISH Story.


Ki said...

Great looking largemouth. I bet it was good eating too!

DeeMom said...

For sure it is a beauty of a fish. But not to eat, we do the catch and release. Catching or re catching a good adversary is more appealing.

Fishing in a mountain stream while camping is another story...yum O on trout! ;)

Ki said...

I guess there's so much pollution in the lakes and ponds it's probably better not to eat any fish caught in them. I just read that an astounding 90 per cent or more of the ponds, lakes and rivers were polluted and it was not recommended that fish caught be eaten. A sad state of affairs.

I agree. Trout are delicious.

DeeMom said...

We are fortunate in that our farm pond is not subjected to pollutants! We just like to re catch and the fish.

Indeed a sad state of affairs! ;(