Monday, June 04, 2007

Today ~~ a Snails pace~~~

It was hard getting up this morning, first the sound of the gentle rain most of the night was pleasurable to my sleep number and then my body was just darned glad I had stopped abusing it moving dirt and weed eating. Once downstairs and somewhat settled in the Nook with my coffee I looked out at all the baby starlings being trained in extensive flight details. Although starlings are my least favorite bird the process never ceases to amaze me. Of course this also had the cats attention.
By 8:30 a.m. my Climbing High Tree Guy penetrated the quiet. In preparation for re roofing some trees needed trimmed to be out of the way for the roof workers. In the clean up near the upper Dreen [that’s what the olden people called it. Not a stream and not a drain therefore a Dreen], we would much to my delight a small pine tree we had planted well hidden in the undergrowth of the nasty multi flora rose. Now rescued the pine, the water willow and the dogwood can stretch forward to the sunlight and bask away. All is quiet now. I will just be an observer today as my body reclaims itself. I just might do a Scarlett O’ Hara line - Well I won't think about this now. I'll think about it tomorrow." "After all, tomorrow is another day." - Scarlett O’Hara... There will always be a tomorrow…
Two of our cats Castor and Pollux

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