Thursday, June 07, 2007

What the HAY ~

Cutting of the Hay I never tire of seeing this process even after 30 some years. Today’s haying was a little different. In the horse pasture one of our geese decided to make another nest. Our guy carefully scooted her off of some number of eggs and mowed so carefully around her nest still leaving her safety and some cover for her soon to be brood. She is the one that insisted to make a nest in one of my raised beds. The temporary fencing was a deterrent and the open meadow much better for all concerned. By the weekend we will see the completion as we speculate on the numbers of bales that we will have. For some reason this brings to mind Cow Tipping. In theory one is to sneak up on a cow in the evening as it stands sleeping then push it over for the heck of it. Not sure why anyone would want to do this. This particular site makes a lot more sense to the term Cow Tipping as far as I can see. Actually skinny-dipping in a pond seems a lot more fun. Many years ago our children did manage to hop, jump or otherwise propel them from one round bale to another. Of course we heard about this the next day.

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