Monday, June 25, 2007

Bubble Wrap

Today I received and item carefully wrapped with Bubble Wrap in a box. Bubble Wrap is KEWL! We are going to be packing glass, we need Bubble Wrap…the fun begins…~~~~~~~sly grin. Check it out! Virtual Bubble Wrap
Click the Pop Virtual Bubble Wrap Now (located midway down the page) link to get started. You will be presented with a full sheet of bubble wrap. Click the bubble wrap and it will pop! When you have popped every bubble on the sheet (196 bubbles to be exact), a window pops up and tells you the amount of time it took you to do it and how many bubbles that is per second.
In Maniac Mode (which you can use by checking it at the bottom of the sheet of bubble wrap), you just have to mouse over the bubble wrap to make it pop. In turn, this mode makes it more like a realistic bubble wrap pop, because you get that lovely POP-POP-POPPING noise.

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