Saturday, June 09, 2007

Spring Storms fireflies, lightning bugs, or glow worms.

After the storm passed the lightning bugs came out is gay profusion. Memories of being a child and gathering them in a Mason Jar for a brief time then allowing them, cause Dad said so, to resume their role in nature. Their bioluminescence still fascinates me. The leaves of the trees cleaned, the pollen washed away while there were still some distant remains of lightning scampering across the sky.
The end of a workweek and time to relax... RELAX? Well walk to a different drummer for sure. The “DO” list for the weekend looms in our minds. The rain makes us relax and just sit on the deck and survey our surroundings. Life is Good!


Ki said...

Isn't this a bit early for fireflies? I saw one last Friday too in NJ. But I thought they appeared towards the end of June or in early July.

DeeMom said...

From what I gather all they need is warm nights, which we certainly have had here.

It surprised us as well them coming earlier than we remember.