Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The Sounds of Silence? For sure I think of Simon & Garfunkel Here it is almost eight days with my routine totally torn apart. Remembering what is was like to awake slowly and not have to make a mad dash to take George to Gram and Gramps and return before the workers arrive. Just to glean a few more precious interrupted moment … With the temperatures here for the last several days being oppressive I feel sure that has not helped anyone be less stressed. How many more days before I can reclaim my calm mornings? I have never seen nor do I recall the grass dying. Of course where the roofers lay their materials, that is a given. I have not had to mow for three weeks now. Scary to say the least! I have no place in the house to be away from noise let alone privacy. That is for sure bothersome. In my dreams I think I hear thunder. Alas and Alack!
Latin Name: Astible x arendsii
Common Name: Astilbe, false spirea


Tene Murray said...

Does the astilbe get very tall? I've been thinking about putting some of that somewhere in my garden at some point...

DeeMom said...

Tene check this site for more information:

Astilbe is generally considered to be a partial to full shade plant, they appreciate a little morning sun. They do, however need protection from the hot afternoon sun.

. The most common varieties grow to a height of about a foot and a half, but there are also taller types which may reach five feet for the background, and little 6 inch dwarfs which make nice groundcovers. Even when they are not in bloom, the foliage stays attractive throughout the summer, making them very effective as a border plant, in the shade garden, or at the side of your garden pond.

Tene Murray said...

Thanks for the information!!!