Saturday, June 16, 2007

Today’s Question is;

Can you identify what is in this picture? The Weekend and all is QUIET Watching the roofers is a full time job and quite exhausting even as an observer. The work is progressing, as work does and I am learning that there is a lot more to roofing, or in our case RE-Roofing than I thought. It is always good to glean new information and an appreciation of others handy work. Time to pull from secret hiding locations the intended Father’s Day gifts and be ready for tomorrow. The BIG DEAL is doing it while the recipient is totally UNAWARE of my intentions. Some things just defy wrapping. Case in point, an umbrella is almost impossible to disguise, not that I got him one. Books are a bit easier to disguise but Golf Clubs are difficult. Not that he is getting those either.
My Sweetie reads my Blog but never makes a written comment, so I cannot tell too much about what I am up to. Maybe his reading it will allot me extra time to figure out where, how and proper placement of gifts! Well it is a thought ya know!


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I will venture a guess, is it a wasp nest?

I am so envious of your night blooming cereus. I have had a plant for several years which has never bloomed, someone told me I was being to nice to it......:).

DeeMom said...

It is indeed a wasp nest Iowa. The roofers knocked it down and as I passed over it, it reminded me of a flower. In as much as quick look would involve. I wanted to get closer, but I value not getting stung more than a good close up.

I have had this plant for almost eighteen years. When I was given a start of it I was told it would take seven years before it would produce its first bloom. That proved to be correct.

Iowa you might check this web site for more information:

as well as this site:
Check what “Connie” has to say, some good information there I believe.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Thanks for the websites. I will be waiting for photos as well :).