Friday, June 15, 2007

Time out for blossoms and Birds

While the roofers carry on with carry on with their work, I escape the constant noise to enjoying the flowers. Yesterday I was quite pleased as the Evening Primrose shot forth its first blooms. I had purchased this last year and was not all that optimistic about its durability in the location I chose. So delighted it proved me wrong is my uncertainty. The lilies are bursting forth as well as the water lily is in bud. The Night blooming Cereus is close as well. Update on the Night Blooming Cereus from June 1 Standing under the Pin Oak toward the end of the afternoon as I was watching the men work. I looked up and saw flight lessons being given with a family of Carolina Chickadees. Time seemed to stand still and the noises from “progress” evaporated. Work on the new Koi pond is making progress. Need a bit more dirt before I can dispense grass seed and the straw. All in good time... Early this morning I enjoyed, the quiet, a good cup of coffee and two female deer as they inspected the Roofers materials. It seems likely that the smells dissuaded the deer from my hostas. But I was prepared to once again scold them for EVEN trying to nibble. Meanwhile HAPPY FRIDAY!


Ki said...

No need to worry about the durability of Oenothera. In fact just the opposite is true. It becomes invasive and is difficult to get rid of. I've been trying to clear off some pink evening primrose O. speciosa 'rosea' for three years now but it stubbornly returns every year like our spearmint or purple perilla.

DeeMom said...

GREAT! Then where I planted it is Perfect... it has free rein, on the edge of our wood pile on the edge of the Woods. How perfect is that. Thanks

As for the mint it has suffered much and returns. But then we like lamb and DERBY DAY!