Sunday, June 17, 2007

Announcement on this Father’s Day

After a lovely lunch of homemade Chicken Salad placed on a bed of mixed greens and garnished with pecans and surrounding this a medley of seedless green grapes and sliced cantaloupe. Back to the little Koi Pond. While we are re working the older Koi pond [getting ready to put in a flagstone patio area] our youngest son came upon three fish Baby Koi. The three have now joined the rest of their family in the newer pond. How Kewl is that? Also my Sweetie still needs to locate two more cards before he can open his “wrapped” gift. I finally bit the bullet and got the Red Chinese Maple of the other side of Sarah’s Pond. Hopefully we can get it planted today. Its color will work perfect with the color scheme of our home. Gray with trim and darker gray trim but the Soffit is a deep burgundy, perfect with the tree… But that is yet another project to begin after the roof is replaced. Soffit: The boards that enclose the underside of that portion of the roof, which extends out beyond the sidewalls of the house. Fascia Board: Wide board, which trims the edge of the roof and carries the gutter round the eaves.


Ki said...

Very lovely double water lily. It's always amazing what a beautiful flower it is when you enlarge it.

DeeMom said...

I was not aware that they opened to the sun adn closed to lack of sunlight. Always good to learn somethign new.