Friday, June 29, 2007

Gentle Rain, Power outage and Fireworks

Today was especially nice for several reasons. The heat wave semi broke and gave us some much-needed rains. Intermittent with the sun occasionally peeking through to reminds us that it is indeed… summer! The roofers got the 2nd skylight in and the rest of that roof shingled. In hopes that if there is rain tomorrow, most of the work will be inside. They will be building of two light wells and the beginning of the dry wall being added to those two areas. Time to set forth to the big city in yet another quest. A New Mattress for the Master bedroom as well as beginning to look for a headboard for it. Do you know how hard it is to locate NON-juvenile bookcase beds? I finally had a tiny space of “ME” time so I began reading a new book as I sat near Sarah’s Pond watching the koi and the next storm circle about my head. The birds were singing up a storm. OK Pun intended on that one. The newly planted crosomia lucifer just in a slight bud, keeping up with the other three older patches I have had for several years. The wrens were basking in the filtered sunlight then they would skitter to a puddle to refresh themselves. George got to stay home today because of the abbreviated roofers outside work. He was delighted but thoroughly confused as to the temporary relocation of our bedroom. We had to move our bed downstairs to the parlour so the skylights and soon to be light well can be finished. My hubby says we are camping out…it sure enough is odd not the bedroom but the room where at Christmas the tree is and the family gathers. George was totally cornfussled. He woke me up at 4 am wanting to potty. I was quite careful as I was in the dark [ok another pun] but the surroundings were not familiar awaking from a deep slumber. Poor George, he thought we were going up stairs where HE THOUGHT we should be. But he was torn, as he had to GO! So he climbs the steps to a mid pint and realizes I was going to the door, he tried to turn his 80# girth but slipped and fell slightly. After regaining his composure he went out and returned totally confused to our new CAMP! Just before he settled down I got a goodnight lick on my forehead. Just gotta love that silly George. So you see a day at home was a good thing for George and I. Addendum: The Power went out and remained out until @ midnight. Nestled in the Nook with a cup of coffee I hear what sounds like firecrackers. Then this horrendous blast as if it were the Mega of fireworks [maybe a M-80]. I think that because these particular kinds are banned in the United States; therefore they must be awfully loud and hazardous. I was thinking so briefly this is too early, not only in the morning but date wise for celebrating the 4th of July. Out of the corner of my eye it is soon apparent what is happening. Back on June 20 we had some severe weather, resulting in a lightning strike to an old Oak tree. This morning, nine days later the tree came down. Suffice it to say there will be a needed clean up soon. Poor old Oak, so sad! I cannot tell if it is a white one or a red one. We have two mammoth white oaks on our side so I will have a comparison. I am not willing to crawl into the creek to get a leave as it is still raining. BUT good news is we have electricity! The roofers are yet here, George is totally cornfussled and the guys [Sweetie and B.] are on their way to assist in our daughters moving. All is quiet…so far! Ataraxia will be achieved! ataraxia (at-uh-RAK-see-uh) also ataraxy, noun A state of freedom from disturbance of mind.[From Greek ataraktos (not disturbed), from tarassein (to disturb).]


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

You said: A state of freedom from disturbance of mind.

What is that like? :))

Looks like quite a rain! The daylily pictures are beautiful with the raindrops. I see your hosta is already in bloom.

I searched your blog for a picture of George, I would love to see a picture.

Too bad about the calla lily, do they only bloom once a year like the other lilies?

DeeMom said...

What is that like? :)) you asked?

Well Iowa I shall soon find out then let ya know. The troops just left ;)

Calla lilies only bloom once here. As for dear, dear lovable George if you click on the LABELS at the bottom of the post it will take you to the GEORGE ones! But JUST for you I shall post a picture tomorrow of our Pet Rescue English Springer Spaniel!

Ki said...

Very beautiful pictures of your flowers after the rain. The wet makes the colors much more vivid.

Lightning struck a locust tree right next to the parking lot of our townhouse when we lived there several years ago. The lightning peeled the bark right off the tree by creating so much heat and instantly producing explosive steam. The tree wasn't very large, only about 12 inches in diameter but pretty impressive destruction anyway. Too bad about your oak but it doesn't look like it was completely destroyed?

DeeMom said...

Ki, it is too hard to tell yet. We are waiting for the Creek to get lower so we can pull the limbs out. Only then will we know the extent of the damage. It appears at least at this point it is minimal, but then only time will be the determinant.