Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let’s Raze the roof

Nothing lasts forever. Natural slate is famously long-lived. Nonetheless, many old houses are at the point where their original slate roofs have reached the end of their useful lives. Losing the character and patina of an old slate roof is always regrettable. There is still some trace of the design that was originally there. If those slates could talk… Now the quiet here is about to be permeated with people, scaffolding, hammer, nails and the like as our 120-year-old Slate roof is finally replaced. A sad day, but a much-needed repair! We have re paired and replaced until we can no longer, find people that know what they are doing. Our prior slate roofers have either left the area and are now to old to make the needed repairs. A sad state of affairs to be sure! A lost ART!


Ericka said...

my parents' old farmhouse had a slate roof when they moved in. eventually they had to have it replaced. they saved the slate - it's in several stacks at the back of the property. i've used that slate for a base for my painting for years. it's great for acrylics if you're feeling artistic.

DeeMom said...

Ericka, we indeed are saving every piece that has either potential of becoming an artistic piece or even better…the most awesome chicken coop ever!

Saving stuff has its merits as you pointed out with what your parents did in their saving of the slate.