Monday, May 14, 2007

A two Fagus Day

HA HA Fagus Reminds me of Haggis! Haggis "is typically served on Burns Night, January 25, when Scotland celebrates the birth of its greatest poet, Robert Burns, who was born in Ayrshire on that date in 1759. During the celebration, Burns poems are read, and the haggis is addressed by a member of the party, ceremonially, in the form of verses from Burns' poem, 'Address to a Haggis.' A typical meal for Burns Night would include Cock-a-Leekie, Haggis with Tatties-an'-Neeps, Roastit Beef, Tipsy Laird, and Dunlop Cheese." Oh, and did I mention that whisky is also served? But let me be serious for now and tell you about the Mother’s Day gifts!
In the Cart was a Fagus sylvatica,Fagus grandiflora. I mentioned how I squealed with delight. My Sweetie called me before he came home and I told him how lovely the tree was.
Then he said,” I have a confession,” “OH”, I replied. He went on the clarify, “yes, over by the Buggy Barn is the Tri-colored Beech.”[ Fagus sylvatica 'Roseomarginata'] I gasped, and then gathered my wits about me I squealed yet again. It is amazing my Sweeties hearing was not affected!
At any rate with the help of our eldest son the two trees I have been eying for over the past year are firmly ensconced in terra firma on the outer edges of Sarah’s Pond area.

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