Sunday, May 13, 2007

Life is a Beech

OR~~~ Happy Mothers Day from the father of our four wonderful children! Ok here is the deal. I get up it is about 6:thirty something start the morning routine. Brush teeth Put dog out Turn security lights off Amble into kitchen to begin the coffee and prepare George’s medications Go to the back and rinse our Falcours dishes and put them up Turn of nightlights in the Powder room Return to kitchen then let George in for his meds Sit down for MAYBE 10 minutes with my coffee before George starts whining about his breakfast Breakfast for George, return for the rest of the first cup of coffee then OOPS Need to fill the cat food dish outside That being completed I again return for the coffee and a little bit of NPR NO Not today ~ well not quite ~ I intercepted my Sweetie as he was getting ready for a brief jaunt in the office. Ya see I really do not do well with people in the early leave me alone in my space I am not awake time. To my Sweeties credit he hastily leaves ~ he KNOWS! HA HA! SO I proceed to the preparation of Georges Medications. Ya see Georges prefers his in soft bread. I can hide the pills better, then we make a game out of catch the treat. It was JUST at the time I pour the coffee creamer in my cup as I reach for the bread I SPIED some awesome flowers. I squealed, but maintained my routine. Because I wanted to sit down and really look at the flowers WITH the cup of coffee. George and all animals being tended to I go into my Nook ALMOST sit down when I saw IT! I SCREAMED! I Know I heard me say Holy Body Excrement ~ OR words to that effect. There it was I was stunned REALLY stunned. I was so excited/stunned I ran outside barefooted to touch it. It is magnificent, it is here, and it is ours, like OH WOW! Forget NPR I just sit and look at it…the cats hop into the cart and sniff it. It shakes at the attention. The Geese walk around it and look up at it. I go back out and touch it in amazement. The sun begins to caress the top. I am thinking do I take a picture of it now then after it is relocated? Not sure, frankly all I want to do right now is just LOOK at it. I will begin Breakfast preparations and the entire time I can look at it! Then later when it is relocated I can rinse dishes and look at it… WOW. I have the Best Husband in the entire world…FOR ME that is! Ok a picture of the flowers first, update later on IT! Have ya figured out what it is I have in the cart?

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