Friday, May 11, 2007

I am going NUTZ

My Japanese iris’s are beginning to bloom, they are so delicate, and the one Clematis is a treat as it ascends the garden gate. Then what a delight as I will need to pick more asparagus for dinner tonight! Well I will do Dinner tonight…still maintain that in Sunday I will boycott. My Purple Asparagus plant has given me two huge stalks so far this year. It, this particular asparagus plant is not quite like the other ones that spew forth daily, if not hourly tender shoots. My newly planted eggplants are starting to grow. I planted them in containers closer to the house because sometimes they need assistance with the Sevin dust and I do not what that on our other veggies. Last year we had flea beetles on our eggplant. This year I am trying three different varieties, the traditional one, a white one and a Japanese one. We shall see. It is sort of like the purple asparagus, which when grilled or otherwise cooked looses its purple color and looks like the rest of the asparagus. As well as when I grew the Chocolate sweet peppers, once cooked the color goes!
I try ~~~ I really do to be patient, BUT! I want the Pond work to begin! So I called my Pond Guy. News is he threw his back out and is 4 days behind in his work. [Promise of coming May 21 it the latest deal] Is there a joke about being behind in your work? It is not a good thing to mess your back up for sure I know I had four children HAHAHA! So to amuse myself this am as I await eldest son to get up and unload my car I merrily walked around taking pictures. He can sleep a little longer this is TOO MUCH FUN! I really should be weed eating…that can wait I am going to PLAY today I deserve it. Besides I know I will be waited on hand and foot Sunday, I need to remember what it is like being waited on…so today is my Pre Training day. Ummmmmm might take tomorrow as well for a further refresher course!


Rurality said...

Your iris are very pretty.

We had those beetles on the eggplants last year, but they just ate little holes in the leaves... it didn't seem to affect the veggies at all!

DeeMom said...

Thanks about the Iris. The pest we had last year on the eggplant was a lace bug. The Damage - Circular discolored areas about the size of a quarter are the first noticeable symptoms of lace bug damage. The remains of an egg mass and a group of nymphs typically are found on the underside of each discolored spot. Lace bugs gradually move outward until the whole leaf yellows and dries out. Feeding in groups, they move from leaf to leaf and eventually to new plants. A severe lace bug infestation may kill whole plants or weaken them to the point that fruit fails to develop.

This year it seemed isolation from the rest of the garden was a wise choice, we shall see in time.