Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day three ~ Jungle to Pristine to Stunning

Hostas back in ground My poor Sweetie is home and very sick with a cold / flu / sinus something and he is totally miserable. While he is inside SUPPOSING to be resting I began my day @ 8 am re planting all the plants that Mark rescued for me. About 9 ish I came in for a short break and received a call from my Niece, Lisa. She and Jamie had been down looking at the work in progress and mentioned sharing with me some of the ornamental grasses that would be perfect in this newly developed area. Not only did Lisa come down but also she and young Fred helped me get all the plants firmly replanted and we still had time to get NEW plants in the ground. By the time we had totally finished Lisa and Fred went fishing and I sat and watched cause I was too pooped to pop. As I sat there watching them fish my mind was in a whirl as to the next stage of operation that I could get into before the POND GUY comes. My Sweetie and I discussed the plans for the weekend and my list went on and on and on as to what I hoped to accomplish. I received a lovely compliment, the second day my Sweetie said the area looked PRISTINE, tonight he said the area looked STUNNING! Awwwwwwww he is such a sweetie! As I arose, gingerly I might add, from the bed this morning, that list started to look improbable. Sitting in the Nook as I sip my coffee, it appears that rain is in the forecast, which is a good thing. The seeding of the grass, the re planting of the Hostas, and Daffodils as well as the three new Azaleas is most assuredly perfect timing. It also means that my tired aching body will be spared as I recuperate and tend to my ill Sweetie. Whom by the by is feeling a tad better. It also means that with the rain he, as well, will not be tempted to do outside work. So you see a Win ~ WIN situation all the way around. Note the picture of Young Fred with the fish he caught with just a hook and a twig. The Survivorman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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