Friday, April 27, 2007

Runners On your Mark ~

It’s the Twenty-third year of the General Lightburn 5K Run and And “One Mile Lightning Run” Saturday, April 29, 2007 – Jane Lew, West Virginia. Scenes from April 29, 2000! Some background on why we chose this name twenty-three years ago. Thanks to the efforts of Linda and Joe Turner as well as Valerie Richards and many other support volunteers I was able to kick off this annual event. Joe Lightburn, the great grandson of General Joseph Andrew Jackson Lightburn lives in our town. One picture in this Blog is a picture of Joey Lightburn. He still owns and operates a Hardware store in our fair town.
September 21, 1824 in History September 21, 1824 in History Born: Joseph Andrew Jackson Lightburn, Brig General Union volunteers 4th West Virginia Infantry was organized August 1861, with the following field officers: J.A.J. Lightburn, colonel; Wm. H.H. Russel, lieutenant colonel, and John T. Hall, major. was organized August, 1861, with the following field officers: J.A.J. Lightburn, colonel; Wm. H.H. Russel, lieutenant-colonel, and John T. Hall, major.
Lightburn was also known as the Fighting Parson. He ministered at the, still exiting, Broad Run Baptist Church. On August 8, 1874 Rev. J. A. J. Lightburn met with the church and accepted the call as pastor. Rev. Lightburn was a noted General in the Union Army during the Civil War. Rev. Lightburn was employed for half time and paid an annual salary of $30. "Jackson's Boyhood Friend" "Joseph Lightburn was a childhood friend of young Tom Jackson. As boys, the two shared their interests in books, history, and Christianity along the banks of the West Fork River at Jackson's Mill in Lewis County, Virginia (today West Virginia). According to several historians, and the Lightburn family's oral history, it was Lightburn who was one of the major influences impacting Jackson's Christian faith. Lightburn would return to Weston, West Virginia after the war and pastor Broad Run Baptist Church, where I, along with my family, had the privilege of worshipping last Sunday. Also present in the services were several members of the Raddy Jackson family whose oral history claims they are descended from one of Jackson's slaves. "
"The image on this post is of Union General Joseph Andrew Jackson Lightburn's ceremonial sword scabbard. The inscription reads: "Brig. Gen. J. A. J. Lighburn from the Citizens of Lewis County West Va As a Testimony of their appreciation of his Gallant Services in the suppression of the Rebellion of 1861, Weston Va July 4, 1865." Check the post dated 10 November 2006” Jackson’s Boyhood Friend” Race Registration Information! See you on Race Day! Come on out and Run through our town!

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