Sunday, April 22, 2007

All I can say is WOW

And thanks again Sarah!
I spent most of yesterday cruising in my mobile tanning bed with my iTrip. WOW! I had a blast. After I get more tasks accomplished today I am going to do it again. We got the Koi pond empted and cleaned. Finally a day when the temperatures were above 40! We managed to winter over three of the original 8 fish and I was able to save a frog…! Now that was a stinky operation. The upside of the slimy, primordial ooze it is great fertilizer for the garden.
Do believe I will be looking at Biological Filters as well; I need to get more barley straw, which deters algae growth. Ummmm A trip tee hee and the I Trip I am really liking this. I suppose an incidental gift for Mother Earth! Today as I had mentioned 50 trees will be planted as well as some crowns of Crown Vetch for the west side of the farm pond dam. Crown vetch is a member of the Pea or Fabaceae family. This low growing vine is commonly used throughout the United States for erosion control, roadside planting and soil rehabilitation. The ducklings have grown vigorously this week and are in larger quarters. As I was approaching their cages it sounded like muted drumming as their feet were paddling around on the wire as they feasted on their feed and water. The male Call ducks were fascinated by the sounds of soon to be buddies. I still have not been able to get a picture of the Mom Call duck on her nest. Pictures on April 11th!
Silver Appleyard White Crested due to arrive in June White Muscovy due to arrive in June Assorted Muscovy due to arrive in June Black and Blue, Swedish Cayuga Khaki Campbell The Koi were hiding near some rocks and I was unable to get a clear shot of them either. Now back inside to prepare a Farmer Breakfast for my Sweetie. Then I can prepare to personalize my new Cell phone. Judie started the urge for me to actually use my Cell while on our trip to Greece. Gee an iTrip now a new Cell goodness what could be next? A Blue Tooth perchance? That would be funny actually, not sure I am ready to be attached to a phone 24 – 7! Fact is I think many cell phone users are rude. But then who am I?
Although the idea of shopping, lets say, and I see something that maybe my daughters might like I could send a picture and be sure they liked it before I bought it! Now that is a neat idea, useful as well as quite practical! Ummmmmmmmm! Now to ponder what Ring Tone…any ideas?

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