Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My New Book recommendation

Before I went to the dentist today I began reading this book. Not as great as having notorious oxide but...It is just so funny. Here is a sampling! What Snot Is Not! An excerpt from Susan Kelz Sperling, author of Poplollies and Bellibones: A Celebration of Lost Words, talks about words that have been lost from the English language. What is snot? Snot is the burned part of the candlewick. Snotty candles would nicely illuminate supper in a cosh. What is a cosh? A cosh is a small hut or cottage to retire to after doing your daily darg. What is a darg? Darg means a day’s work. Part of a farmer’s darg would be spent preparing mung. What is mung? Mung is a combination of ingredients mixed together to make chicken feed. After a fine meal of mung a chicken might keak from pleasure. What is keak? To keak means to cackle. Roosters who keak too much get yerded into submission. What is yerd? To yerd means to beat with a rod. Logs in a fireplace sometimes need a bit of yerding to get the fire going so that a person can beek in peace and quiet. What is a beek? To beek is to bask before a fire or in the sun. Beeking too long in the sun can make your pash red and painful. What is pash? A pash is a forehead. A church attendant in charge of lighting memorial candles spends a great deal of time with his pash over snots.

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