Thursday, April 12, 2007

Just silliness today, but it is SPRING!

The streak~~~~~~~~~
Ray Stevens song, a novelty hit about the guy who's "always making the news wearing just his tennis shoes". The song peaked at #1 on the sales charts in April 1974. The fad soon became a symbol of the decade. In response to streaking, some jurisdictions would charge streakers with indecent exposure, but one Maine town voted to pass a law specifically targeted at streaking. For some reason I started to think about this for sure aided by the Windex comment thanks to Margaret. So here is a 70’s thing… Enjoy it is finally feeling like SPRING here!
If you sometimes get the sudden urge to run around naked? Drink some Windex. It will keep you from streaking. Fastest thing on two feet! Check it out on I Tunes! OR You Tube~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Tene Murray said...

You KILL me! LOL!
Thanks for the chuckle! :)