Monday, December 17, 2007

And a good Yarn it is

Christmas Felted WVU LARGE Stocking for Door Decoration ~~~~~~~~~~~

The next will be the more traditional Christmas Colors of Red and green.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First things first
On the Table
Sock it to me! Spoken by the English actress Judy Carne who became known as the Sock-It-To-Me Girl on _Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In_ (NBC-TV, 1960s [Jan 22, 1968 - May 14, 1973]). She would appear and chant the phrase until -- ever unsuspecting -- something dreadful happened to her. ...The actual phrase was taken from a hit record entitled 'Respect' (1967) recorded by Aretha Franklin, which featured a chorus repeating 'Sock it to me' quite rapidly in the background. The phrase 'to sock it to someone' originally meant 'to put something bluntly' (and was used as such by Mark Twain). Black musicians gave it a sexual meaning, as in 'I'd like to sock it to _her_.' From _Dictionary of Catchphrases_ (1995) by Nigel Rees
The Model deciding how to display the socks finest features? Trivia: Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In
OH Man this dude is WEIRD
Tomorrow the Finished product!


Anonymous said...

Wow. What is that? The cats say it all.

imac said...

Red and black please for Dennis the

WOW Socks for BIG-FOOT.

More exciting posts now up.

Julie said...

Gorgeous cats! Look forward to stage 2!

DeeMom said...

Abraham, our son put the sock over his head just “Cause… Silly young man Love him sooooooooooooooo No wonder the cats were looking askance, you did LOL

IMAC the sock is WVU BLUE and GOLD, but Dennis the Menace fits this SON that did the silly posing… He will love your comment

Julie, YOU will understand… I need to get a specific floss to add my embellishments…I dinna have time today, But the house is CLEAN…

Still some Polishing to do tomorrow before I go out and get the embroidery floss, then DAYLIGHT to sew…so it might be Thursday before I can show the FINISHED product.

But for sure I am not the embellisher that you are.

I can safely say to you all, the sticking have been hung with care…I needle pointed them all…AND, the topper is upon the Douglas…the Angel…. SO all is good with the world.