Monday, December 03, 2007

I got tickled today

Last night the wind HOWLED…………………There was a WIND ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM MIDNIGHT last night TO 4 PM EST MONDAY\


Frequent Gusts Of 25 To 35 Mph There Is The Possibility Of A Stronger Gust... In The 40 To 50 Mph Range
Well hello and Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So late this afternoon I thought I would take a nap. Now naptime is good if I get 30 minutes at least.
The sky looked cold, the wind had died down and the sun decided to peek out as it began setting in the West. I closed the blind to the Skylights. Nestled under the covers, started to doze off…
~~~~~~~ Ummmmmmmm odd sound…tried to dismiss it…
Ummmmmmmmm there it is again, wonder if my Sweetie had the radio on and had the volume WAY down?
~~~~~~ Dozeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Voices YES it was voices, NO must be the Radio voices not REAL voices…
Nodding off again…LOUDER they became. Finally I checked the radio. It was not the radio. Then I tried to distinguish where the sound was coming from… I moved a plant on the Headboard of the bed…I heard the sound again.
~~ Ummmmmmmmmmm
Ya think some flies want to settle in for the winter? Nope that was not it, um behind the Headboard?
~ Nope.
~~ Finally all was quiet again…I snuggle under the comforter… I heard it again, this time I was certain there were TWO of them
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One with a larger deeper sound … I looked up at the skylight
~~~~ Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ya think when I closed the blind I trapped some bugs?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NAW! No way
I settle back down knowing full well I will not rest until I figure this out.
~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIGH
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Undo the blind, saw NO BUGS…BUT…
```````````````````````````````````````````` THE SOUNDS STOPPED ;)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And I got up ;(


imac said...

Ghosts, ahhhhhh.
nice story there.

DeeMom said...

Nope One HUGE Fly and one teeney wasp, ;)

oldmanlincoln said...

A very interesting post and ideas just flooded my head while I was reading. We had the wind here too and at times I could hear tin or metal rattling but never did see where it was coming from. That part was kind of creepy.

Yesterday was kind of a blur after the procedure was done and I got home. I know I sat down and woke up some time later.

DeeMom said...

WOW Abraham, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, most impressive. Keep us updated on that for sure.

As for procedure:
I am not sure what it all means BUT do what the DOC says…
I bet you SLEPT lots once you got home…

Old Wom Tigley said...

You might be one of the chosen few that are in touch or in tune with the little people...

Google Brian Froud... he as the most stunning artwork of fairy's I've seen. Jane and I follow his work and we have some of his work on our walls.

Thank you 'D' for asking about me... today I'm tired again.. a very bad night last night. I am at the clinic tomorrow to test how my blood is.. I am on Warfrin to thin the blood.. and then the day after at the heart clinic which I'm looking forward to.