Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Day and Night KNIGHT ;)

Well NOW let’s look at Tracking 101


The best time to start is at dawn after at least 2 inches of snow.
The best habitat for snow tracking is open woods, where you have cover in which to hide but can still see far enough to spot your quarry before it hears, smells or sees you.
Farm country interspersed with woods and brush is also good. Large tracks with drag marks usually indicate what shoes ~~OOPS ~~~ Paws are there! ***************************************************** If the tracks run straight, he's walking steadily, perhaps to feed the Chickens? If the tracks meander, perhaps something was forgotten, OR…HE needs one more KISS before going to work! ********** Finally, you'll need elbow room. Because you need to make some snowballs for later so you ~~~ OOPS ~~~~ so I can have some FUN! ********************* Let’s follow these TRACKS and see what we find! Note the ELVEN hat……………………….. “Coat of arms” ~~~~~~~~~ OOPS ~~~~~~~~~~ Coat and Arms ;)
Now if you are feeling like a HOBBIT try this site.


Anonymous said...

Perfectly delightful post and the photos are very nice too.

We got snow today and lots of wind.

All schools are closed and many accidents on the roads.

imac said...

What a great post, bought a smile to my face.

Last post of the east coast

Kerri said...

How Cute!!

Hope you didn't get too much snow :)

And thanks for your comments on my last post about my"blah" mood.