Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Well I was and now I am not
A Mischief of Mice no it was my own doing.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Relocation yup I had done that for of all the handmade needlepoint stockings.
~~~~~~~~~~~ Just WHERE had I put them that was even a safer place? I had done all of these for the kids and us.
Three days of worry
~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIGH


Tomorrow the final picture of the Felted Door Decoration… I ran out of embroidery thread. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But an idea to share with you all,
The MICE that is! Chocolate Christmas Mice Cookies
They were too cute to eat; everyone took them home instead to show people. They are easy to make and a great project to do with children. No baking required, just use Hershey's chocolate kisses, double stuffed Oreos, maraschino cherries and chocolate chips to “build” your Christmas mice!
You can use a clean eyebrow tweezers or something else to grasp the cherries by the stems to dunk in chocolate
~~~ HECK no way dipping with fingers allows the necessity to lick fingers then washing hands before more dipping is done! ~~~ What to do with the leftover non iced Oreo! My Sweetie totally loves chocolate and as I was doing this project I knew what was happening with the non-iced portions of the Oreo. I also knew there was a double boiler pot with luscious deep dark chocolate in it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As with most projects there are leftovers as was in this case. I took what melted Chocolate was left over and RESTUFFED the remaining Oreos. Tada! I do believe he liked them.

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