Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How do I begin?

I am encouraging you all to think of some possible names for the Male Black and white and his sister, the Liver and white Springer Spaniel puppies. It always helps to have lots of input…
Meet the Mom, we call her Jazzy, because once she gets better and puts on weight
she will look and feel JAZZY!
Now on with my story…and why I have not visited many of you recently…aside
from gardening our baby and latest pet rescue need our attention.
Well, it started with one of my husbands’ secretaries.
A simple side comment as to what breed of dog we have.
English Springer Spaniels was the answer. Ummmmmmmmm she said, a neighbor of ours has a Mother and 9 puppies, all AKC. Ears Perked up I will take some pictures and e-mail them to you. OK
This is where I got Snookered into this! I was forwarded the pictures… I thought little of this, as I really did not want another dog.
George is 13 and his age is beginning to show…a puppy seemed to be something I felt he would not handle easily.
He had always been quite Over protective of me…to the extent he will not allow males of the human kind close to me… Poor dear George, a pet rescue that we saved about 10 years ago.
From what our Veterinarian said a male must have abused the dog… George’s reaction to men was such that he has been on a calming medication shortly after we got him. Of course being in a loving and caring home has eased his trepidations for the most part.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you can easily understand why I felt a new puppy would make George feel useless.
Sometime maybe two weeks ago my Husband had an innocent conversation with a woman that has raised AKC dogs for years. Her comment to him, after he told her how I felt about a new puppy was… ~ It would be the perfect thing for George because George knows he is the Main dog and would teach his new little buddy just how things needed to be here at our home. To give my Husband credit he did not tell me about this conversation UNTIL yesterday!
This saga gets deeper.
When The Mother dog had been bought she was already pregnant. The people that HAD previously owned her had OVER BRED her, possibly according to the people we got her from at least four times… Mom delivered 9 puppies and shortly after her milk came in developed mastitis. The people tended to the medications for the Mom and had to wean the puppies earlier than normal. We arrived late yesterday afternoon…already aware we would probably take the Mom. The breeders did not want to keep her because she had previously been over bred and this last pregnancy pretty much took a tool on the Mom. I sat there on the grass and looked into the face of Jazz…her backbones were visible…I cried… She did not much care for us at first, who would after being owned by two families in 4 years and now a recuperating Mom with 9 babies that could not nurse.

But the saga goes on; my husband and youngest son saw two of her puppies… YUP you got it, we came home with MOM and two babies…


The Mothers names was Jessie, which we are changing to Jazzy…because that seems to fit what she will become as we fatten her up… Names for the little male and female have not been picked yet. The male is a black and white and his sister is liver and white…I have rather sad pictures at this point… But feel sure I will be getting some good ones shortly. OH and George, Well he is the perfect gentleman and gracious host to Jazzy and the kids…guess my Husbands AKC friend was right…

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo Cute...
Updates soon...Mom goes to the Vet tonight!


nonizamboni said...

Perfect 'p' word. And what a saga! I held my breath through the whole story. Such beautiful puppies, oh my gosh. Good luck and will watch for updates.
Happy Wednesday!

Julie said...

Jazzy is beautiful and will be more so with your tender care. I used to have a liver and white Springer years ago called Trudy (a lovely female) . I hope your lovelies all settle in well with George. I'm sure they will keep you all busy. Enjoy!

imac said...

Ah, I see DW beat me thenlol.
Yup, they all look soooo cute.

We were at Belvoir castle on tues,pop over to my blog and see.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Well done to you all, I'm sure with some TLC the mother will become a gtreat friend and house dog. As for these beautiful pups... years of fun ahead for you all now. I see these working in the hills sniffing out game birds... and hare. I know a falconer who as one that works the moors for game birds. Their are also perfect sniffer dogs for the police and army... Search and resue use them to find lost and injured climber/walkers. All in all you have two small highly intelligent dogs. I am going to enjoy watch these grow through your posts Dee.
If I had two young dogs nowI would call the PAT & STROKE as in 'pat the dog, or stroke the dog' Like Peter as his DEFOR.. D for dog..
good luck with them all.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Thursday morning...

I made it this morning to look at your post and then I am off for a lung test.

I hope to be finished with all tests and back to normal by the 12th or soon thereafter.

Your photographs are really nice, as usual. The post was beautiful.

Sharon said...

Love the pups, they are so pretty! Cute post.
I'm thinking Echo for the boy, he looks like mom.
Olivia for the girl. Playing on the liver color.

Hope you get lots of good suggestions.