Saturday, May 10, 2008

Camera Critters since Tuesday

Get ready for a tear in the eye
English Springer Spaniels My friend TOM [Wiggers World] sent these sites to me…some really awesome information on the background of this breed of dog. Thanks Tom ;)
Join the Critters HERE!
Mom is finally eating semi dry food, puppies are: the male: House 4.0 # Lilly the liver and white female is 3.5 pounds


Life is good and this is the most Unusual Mother’s Day ever BUT so Perfect


~~~~~~~~~~ Mother’s Day
~~~~~~~~~~~ FAMILY!

Happy Mother's Day


Jules said...

And a very happy Mother's day to you and ALL your brood! Enjoy it!

imac said...

Happy day all mums.

Love your critter tears.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Neat post Dee..
Love your new friends give them big pats and hugs from all us over here

fishing guy said...

DeeMom: Very nice close-up work on the leaf.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Great post

Tene Murray said...

Happy Mother's Day, Dee! Believe it or not, I've posted new blogs three times in the past week or two - quite an accomplishment for me - LOL! The newest is a tribute to Mom...

Misty Dawn said...

Do you see why my dream is to run a pet rescue?!?! I want so bad to help animals like Jazzy and the babies. Unfortunately though, it is only a dream, because running a pet rescue is very costly and definitely not profitable * sigh * It's still my dream though.

George, Jazzy, and the babies are absolutely beautiful! You and your husband are WONDERFUL and definitely MY KIND OF PEOPLE!!! Thank you for being such wonderful and loving people and giving Jazzy and the babies a home!

dot said...

Those critters are lucky to have you.
Happy Mother's DAy!

Sheen said...


Ashrunner said...

My brother had two English Spinger Spanials. They were the greatest dogs to have around.