Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Frisbees, YALE and puppies

The puppies are doing really well as you can see. WE had gotten a Frisbee for Jazzy, a cheap one, because we did not know if she would fetch with it. Well she did and the need now is for a heavier Frisbee…
Meanwhile the pups seem quite interested in it as a tug of war with each other. Quite hysterical how they maneuver it… Of course I wanted to check out the background of this Toy. I found some rather interesting stuff actually. The Frisbie Baking Company (1871-1958) of Bridgeport, Connecticut, made pies that were sold to many New England colleges. Hungry college students soon discovered that the empty pie tins could be tossed and caught, providing endless hours of game and sport. Many colleges have claimed to be the home of 'he who was first to fling.' Yale College has even argued that in 1820, a Yale undergraduate named Elihu Frisbie grabbed a passing collection tray from the chapel and flung it out into the campus, thereby becoming the true inventor of the Frisbie and winning glory for Yale.
Other information at this SITE
Another Great Frisbee Moment: In 1968, the U.S. Navy spends almost $400,000 to study Frisbees in wind tunnels, following their flights with computers and cameras, and building a special Frisbee-launching machine on top of a Utah cliff to test a prototype flare launcher.
One Amazing Dog at You Tube!
New Water Iris [blue]
Regular Iris near Sarah's Koi Pond
Yellow Turner water Iris in the Koi Pond


mimi11460 said...

Those yellow and purple flowers are beautiful i hope i can plant same flowers in my own garden.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Beautiful flowers shot, perfect puppy shot and a 'Frisbee Fantastic' post.. :O)
I'm playing catch upas my PC was not playing nice today.. I even kicked it and called it names... I turned it off a few times and since then it as decided to play ball. Just as well as Sky Watch is up and running.

Julie said...

I want one! or both! I love your gorgeous puppies, aren't they beautiful!

The irises are lovely. They are among my most favourite flowers.

dot said...

Those puppies look like they are having a good time!