Saturday, May 31, 2008

Snazzy Jazzy

Before and AFTER

The before begins here How Do I Begin May7th?
HEY GEORGE WAKE UP! You have got to see THIS! YAWN, OK ok be right there! WOW She looks FAB! "SIGH!" Jazzy said. "Thanks! I feel like a KID again!" WOW fellow flowers did you see what PRANCED by?
"WOW, " George said, "I am going to show her off!"
See she looks so Beautiful!
"OH goodness," said the KOI, "she is STUNNING."
"Heyya Jazz, this way I want to show you around some more", said George
"See Jazz the tree bloomed, just for you, my dear", murmured George ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All it takes sometimes is just a day for you, a facial, massage, and pedicure and of course a new Coif!
Just seems to make you walk with a bouncier step, as people turn and look at you!
There are the Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh’s and Oh’ssssssssssssssssss as you begin to sport your NEW SNAZZY LOOK!


dot said...

Cute post and the flowers are so pretty!

DeeMom said...

Thanks Dot

imac said...

Great thought out Tail er sorry
Great shots and a great story.

Alyssa said...

Hi Dee - Sorry I haven't been around lately, but I've nearly finished up the outside work! First of all, Thank You!! for the wonderful and surprising award. I've never thought of myself as very "edgy" but I'm very happy you think so. (I think of Madonna as being "edgy" - guess I'm in good company!) And I'm moved and pleased that you have bestowed the honor on me.

The chubby pups look happy and healthy with that frisbee and don't the darnest things come out of Yale ?! Those raccoons are so cute but, as you say, the cycle of life ... One ate all of the fish in our little pond one year. We used to put out food because we enjoyed watching them, but now we throw out scraps etc in the back woods. Jazzy looks quite beautiful and happy. And George sounds completely smitten! What a difference a day at the spa makes!

Aren't iris just about the most elegant flower around! Great pictures.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Those are great photos looks like they were having fun.
Nice flowers as well

Dirty Fingernails said...

What a beautiful dog you have. What kind and how old?

DeeMom said...

Dirty, these are English Springer Spaniels, Both George and Jazzy are pet rescues…we have two of Jazzy pups.
Tomorrow Jazzy and the pups go to the Vet for their next round of shots…
We are awaiting GREAT NEWS about the recent bout with Parvo…

HA HA Stay Tuned…

IMAC you cab sure WAG a good comment ;)

Alyssa I was thinking EDGE was LIKE SHARP…as you are

Thanks Lil the new dogs are certainly taking HOLD of us…