Thursday, April 03, 2008

SKY WATCH FRIDAY ~ Go fly a Kite

Tuesday here was fabulous, weather wise…EXCEPT the clouds were holding BUCKETS of impending water…which made Kite Flying a tad tenuous to say the least.
According to the Weather Person this weekend should be warm BUT what about the WIND factor? ~~


Proclamation !!!!!


Whereas kite flying is family friendly, non-polluting, healthy, educational, outdoor oriented, and fun.
Whereas kite flying and kite fliers, from Benjamin Franklin to Charlie Brown, are a constructive and quintessential part of our own American culture.
Whereas kites have made significant contributions to the arts, science, mathematics, cultural awareness, and history.
~~~~~~~~~ Whereas the American Kitefliers Association and the Kite Trade Association International have designated April to be National Kite Month, and are promoting kite festivals and kite workshops across the entire country.
Slice pieces of bread to resemble kites. Have the children paint the bread with food coloring and water. Toast the bread and assemble into any type of sandwiches you desire
Early History of Flight it is not certain as to where the first kites came from… ~~ but it is said that they were first known to the people of the South Sea Islands. My Kite Molly ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She is a Winged Box...


Anita said...

What a FABULOUS post! Love this... and your kite is great, too!

My SWF is up at Prairie Visions!

Autumn said...

Great post! It has been a long time since I flew a kite

ellen b. said...

Ha! Now you've got me singing
"Let's go fly a kite
up to the highest heights"
Beautiful photos

Alexander said...

Nice interesting kite!
I miss flying kite.

Alex's World! -

SandyCarlson said...

I see kites and I think Mary Poppins. Can't help it. Let's go fly a kite...What a beautiful post. Thanks!

granmal said...

Nice picture - I've been wanting to take kite pictures - but haven't seen any. These are great

dot said...

Cute post!

dot said...

Really cute post! I would love to fly a kite just once in my life but I think I need kite flying lessons.

Carletta said...

Wonderful colors - awesome!

Lilli & Nevada said...

hey that is a great post and some really neat kites.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post ... with great photos and useful info ... and now, if youe excuse me, I have a kite to fly.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Well done Dee... how good is this.. A1, Top Gun, No.1
What a brilliant post for Sky Watch... I have not flown a kite in donkey's years but I feel like I need to now.
Thank you Dee for joining in with the fun of Skywatch again.

Anne-Berit said...

Interesting for Sky Watch Frisay:o)

Pernille's ting og tang said...

Nice anf funny SWF-photos:)

mrsnesbitt said...

Kites would be good right now...very windy here! In fact...MUST go and peg out the washing! LOL!


Low Iron Only said...

With a sky like that and my luck I'd be afraid to fly a kite, lol nice picture!!

Andrea said...

Nice colorful kite. I have not flown a kite in many years. Have always wanted to fly one at the beach. Need to do that.

Marie said...

This is a GREAT post!

Annie said...

DeeMom, you and I were thinking similarly for I posted a kite photo today as well. Have a lovely weekend.

Petunia said...

WOW! Awsome post!

Debbie in NC said...

Kites are a very unique way of posting for Sky Watch!! I love it!

Good info and great pictures!

Daniel J Santos said...

Interesting post, great pictures, well done.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Fun post, DeeMom. I find it hard to get a kite into the air but I enjoy watching others with their kites.

fishing guy said...

Dee: I really enjoyed the story and the kite picture.

John said...

This is a great post! Nice and interesting. Good work.

Berit said...

So cute and amazing!!

Dick said...

GREAT post, I like the colors of the kites against the grey sky.

Craver Vii said...

Kite flying always appealed to me (though I have never actually done it). Now, your post makes me want to take my kids out and make sure they get the opportunity.

And now, let's see how many people in the office I can subliminally influence to sing the Mary Poppins song...

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

Hey Deemom,
what a wonderfull story "fly a kite" with GREAT illustrations! You are very good in telling stouies did you know that!!!!??? Iloved to read and looktit very much! vey impressive I think I am a fan of you by now!

I wish you a creative weekend and come to see my SKYWATCH Friday:)

JoAnn from holland

imac said...

Love your flying high kite watch in the sky.

Andrée said...

that is a great kite! Looks like it is made out of fabric?