Monday, April 07, 2008

Roll me Over in the Clover

According to an off-handed note in Hugill, this song is a soldiers' song, popular
during World War II.
The rhyming, melody and rhythm probably have stayed the same over the years,
but it seems like it's too tempting to change a verse or two in this song for all the
words to have stayed true.
We've tried it once or
And found it rather nice
Roll me over lay me down and do it again
Roll me over in the clover, roll me over lay me down and do it again
Oh this is number one
And the fun has just begun
[Gill Over the Ground- Glechoma hedercea ]
Oh this is number two,
Down in front he's comin through

Oh this is number three And his hand is on me knee Oh this is number four And he's been there twice before Oh this is number five I'm surprised I'm still alive

[BLOODROOT--Sanguinaria Canadensis]


Oh this is number six, And he's got me doin tricks [Carolina Spring Beauty

Claytonia caroliniana]


Well this is number seven, And he took me straight to heaven Oh this is number eight, He bent me o'er the garden gate

Chionodoxa luciliae (also known as Glory of the snow) is a small (3-6") flower which grows from a hardy bulb and produces one of the earliest flowers of spring. Originally from Turkey, it is hardy in hardiness zones 3-8, sun or part shade. Chiodoxa seeds itself and will spread in beds that will later have other interest, like rose beds and so on.


Oh this is number nine, And the baby's doin fine Oh this is number ten, And when he's through we'll do it again Oh this is number eleven and it's just like number seven

“We are not amused”


Kostas said...

Very good collection with marvellous photographs, the subjects are very beloved and the comment cute, thank that him you were shared with us!

dot said...

Great post and that song sure gave me a laugh!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I remember this song well, I also had a good giggle at this ... as always your pictures tell just as nice a story.. great fun post Dee.

oldmanlincoln said...

Wow. Brings back a ton of memories, this post does.

I have heard this song all my life but the lyrics I know couldn't be posted. I do like the dog in the clover. Or rolling over. Nice post.

On the light side...
Find out why their mommas swooned looking at the pictures, and stuffed crisp $10,000.00 bills into my shorts and hung the keys to a Smart car on my ear. Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

Kerri said...

Great shots! Love the Doggie and Kitty especially!

Rurality said...

Nice blooms! What are the blue ones?

Stacey Huston said...

Deemom, I love your approach at life. Thanks for sharing the beauty around you.

DeeMom said...

Rurality, thanks for asking that question.

I had the names of the plants ready to insert under the photos and frankly I forgot.
They are there now.

Julie said...

I love the chiondoxa! And I have sung the song too! I love the gorgeous animals too.