Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Today’s Soap Box?

OR ~~~ Gender driven holidays
It all started yesterday when I asked one of our sons to take a look at what I a considering getting for my Sweetie for Valentine’s Day. Innocent enough query I thought.
He, the son, pointed out that many holidays, especially this one coming in less than a month was gender specific. Now Now I hear some say as they shake their heads, me included. As a Mom I listened to another perspective. Well is that not what we as Mom’s should do?
He said, generalizing, as I shall do, that it is [he did qualify here, as he knows how my Sweetie and I are] that it the holiday is female driven. His point was women get flowers, jewelry, clothes, etc not necessarily all, but… and the guys he [his words] stupid silk boxer shorts?
Ummmmmmmm all I wanted was an opinion on ONE item for my Sweetie. I sorta kept my mouth shut…
** I did manage to counter I sent my Sweetie flowers and have for MANY years. “MOM, listen to me,”
My son the sync; for single people, it’s an unpleasant reminder that you’re single (and therefore, in the eyes of the good people at Hallmark Cards, a loser). For couples, it’s yet another obligation to go out and do something special for your sweetie, despite the fact that you’ve already done that at Christmas, your anniversary, Mother’s/Father’s Day, his or her birthday and, if you really go overboard, your date-iversary as well. Enough already.
Maybe from his vantage point he is correct.
************************************ BUT
********* I have sent flowers to my Sweetie and I get oodles of cards to send to him to his office. Why ‘ODDLES’? Well I seem to find many that are just too cute, funny, silly or perfect not to get him. This allows many segments of my adoration, silliness etc to show forth. Besides, he too many years ago when we dated said Valentine’s is overrated. Maybe that is why I shower him with flowers, so he knows I really do care…
Real men love flowers too ya know! More importantly they love being thought of! “Case in Point”, the Rooster I got him, no reason other than I felt he would get a kick out of my thinking of him. Of course the Rooster is silly, but them so am I. Silly in LOVE! SIGH, Ain’t LOVE GRAND?
Elton John ~”Your Song” “… I hope you don't mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you're in the world… Anyway the thing is what I really mean ~ yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen…”
********************* I already have his flowers, silly balloon etc ordered. Now this Item I wanted my sons opinion on. Still need to get cards…perhaps today after lunch with my female friends.
Oh, do not worry, my Sweetie will not read all of my blog, he is sooooooo cute, he just glosses over it… But if he DOES say something then I will know better than to share secrets ey?
*********** Anyone out there make bets?
** ;) So what are you planning for your significant other?


Old Wom Tigley said...

What ever I get Jane.. be it for Valantines, Brithday, or Christmas... I have the perfect hiding place... Under The Dusters... she never goes there...ha! She'll kill me now.

We don't go 'Big' on this at all 'D'.. I once used some tomatoe paste to put a love heart on a slice of stale bread for her. That went down well.
Oh! yes and the rubber gloves to keep her hands soft when washing my Land Rover was I thought I great gift. She just punched me for that one.
A card maybe... a hand-made one by myself is what she normally gets. ME on the other hand get nothing only the happyness of knowing she is not upset at me. :O)
If I was the captain of the Love Boat... Jane said she would be the captain of the 'Hard Heart' submarine and torpedo me.

Kostas said...

Your marvellous, with very good photographs in the posts and beautiful comments.

DeeMom said...

"O" it is only I that goes BIG on Valentines for my sweetie...

Kostas thanks for popping onto my blog. Your compliments are most gracious

imac said...

Nice post D, hahavery interesting too.