Friday, January 11, 2008

Here it is already almost Friday ;)

Why ALMOST? Well I do not consider it the weekend until my Sweetie is HOME! Then he is here, physically and mentally. No competition with work, well Most times that is. Last night it began raining, no biggie right but then Thunder and lightning. Ye Gads I thought it was to be winter. The dinner last night was great, CAUSE I dinna have to fix it, serve it or clean it up. So as I ramble on, I leave you with some awesome pictures of sunny skies from earlier this week.
The sky was awesome for sure, my abilities to capture them not quite as awesome.
Now back to reading my new book, which by the by after 6 pages is a total HOOT! This is even better as the Seed and Flower catalogues continue to bombard our mailbox.
Excerpts! @@@@@@@@@@@@@
The College Football Bowl games are over. The Writers Strike is NOT over. The Primary caucuses have begun. The first candidate to receive a preset majority number of delegate votes becomes the party's presidential candidate. The candidate selected to run for president then selects a vice presidential candidate. @@@@@@@@@@@@
2008 Presidential Primary Calendar!
Super Bowl XLII is pending: February 3. Umm with the writers strike wonder if the commercials will be any good? Heyya after College Football I am saturated.
In-between reading the book I am making Italian Minestrone Soup. Italian Minestrone Soup with Orzo!


Old Wom Tigley said...

A great set of Sky Watch pictures 'D'.. and you 'musings' are as good as the pictures.. enjoy the weekend and the book.


Yolanda said...

Great sky pictures and thanks for sharing them. Have a wonderful weekend.

Julie said...

Interesting cloud patterns and great pics Dee. My DH is improving, thank you.

Kerri said...

Have fun with the book....I'm going to have to look it up and see what it's about.....all of you gardners inspire me to plant some seeds this spring....any suggestions for someone with a BROWN THUMB?

imac said...

Just great sky watch pics D, nicely done also your story compliments the pics.

slowly catching up and recovering

New Steam post up now.

DeeMom said...

Heyya “O”. The book is wonderful…I highly recommend it.
We even got the Grape Arbor trimmed. So SUPER so far here.

Thanks Yolanda and Julie, good to here IMAC is doing better. Bet you are feeling the relief as well Julie.

Brown THUMB Kerri, well I usually wear gloves, tee hee

Just kidding. The process is always a learning one Kerri…many things I still do not know or UNDERSTAND. But trying is good…and learning from that is even better.

AH HA IMAC you have STEAM now cause you rested will pop over there shortly

Ida said...

A great collection of sky photos. :)

Have a nice week. :)