Sunday, January 06, 2008

Not JUST a Duck

Cairina moschata, Our Muscovy Duck, The Senator!
This morning was especially sad for me. ‘The Senator’ passed as quietly as he lived. He is now buried close to the weeping Cherry Tree facing my Nook. It seemed proper to do this as he would waddle ever so quietly in the front of the house , then look up to see if I saw him. Then for the past two years he would slowly saunter to the Creek edge, as he continued to look for his mate. She passed about two years ago.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Sweetie tried to get more Muscovies ducklings this spring, but the order never came through. Just the other day he said he was going to get JUST Muscovies for me this Spring.
Most of the people in my family called them ugly. They were always quiet, as a matter of fact, they are about the quietest duck there is. The other wild ducks are the noisemakers. The Muscovies do not hurt any thing or any one.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With sadness in my heart, I was relieved that I found him before his body grew cold. I wrapped him in an old green fleece jacket. There were no marks upon his body, so at least he was saved from a torturous death from a fox or worse.


He died of old age and the loneliness for his mate, which he never forgot.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is a site *** that I have ALWAYS liked telling about the wonders of this breed of duck. Re Visiting it is easing my heartache, as well as knowing in the spring, we hopefully will have new Muscovies.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My sentimental side is showing. Do not be sad because he led a good life, and I know where he is. I just felt it proper to acknowledge his life with us.
**********The site I mentioned plus****************


imac said...

Nice to share with us Deemom, Im sure hes quacking to you from the other side.

Nice but sad post.

Come and join me for ------

Julie said...

I'm sorry you've lost a pal. You have good memories of him though and maybe new friends coming in the Spring.

Alyssa said...

Oh, it is so sad to lose a good friend and companion. The Senator looks like he was a regal and dignified bird. I'm sorry that he is gone. We also had Muscovies when we were little and his photo brings back such nice memories.

Old Wom Tigley said...

One of the good things about this blogging lark is getting your feels out.
Like you say he led a good life and found in your home a good place to live.

I will call back later to visit the link 'D'.. I now look forward to seeing your spring time pictures.
All the best

DeeMom said...

Thank you all for your thoughtful words!

Willard said...

We used to have muscovys on our farm so this post brought back a lot of old memories.

It was interesting to hear that your dad had a Hasselblad. That was some camera and of course they are still making them today, but I think they are all digital now, or at least most of them are. I think some of them are in the high $20,000 to $30,000 range.

Kerri said...

OH Deemom, I am sorry aboout your ducky! It is so sad when a special friend passes on! I hope your heartache eases...and I'm so glad you have such wonderful memories of him!

I will be anxious to see your new ones when you get them!

Meggie said...

I had muscovies about 20 years ago. They are truly peaceful birds...not agressive in the least. I'm sorry that your poor Senator is gone, perhaps he has rejoined his mate.

DeeMom said...

Willard, my Dad had a dark room so I learned early. He was GOOD at photography.
Kerri I am anxious about new ones come spring as well.
Welcome Meggie, I am enjoying reading your post…

Again thanks for the kind words. I suppose to some it seems silly to be so upset with the loss of a pet…but that’s ok. I understand and it seems you all do as well. So enuff said…time goes on and memories are still there…no matter what!