Saturday, January 12, 2008

Something to CROW about!

As for the Rooster… ~~~ Silly gift for my Sweetie, cause he lost all of his chickens. But NEVER fear we will get more… Again refering to an older post! ~~ Background info here…
On Cybister amaryllis Cybister Amaryllis ~ Another new class of amaryllis, these exotic, species-type varieties are most fanciful. Their slender, spidery flowers characterize them.
La Paz Cybister Amaryllis; I think mine is the LA PAZ
The slender, pointed upper petals are dark coral while the lower petals are greenish-white edged in dark coral. The star-shaped flower has darker midveins and a faint green throat. La Paz and Ruby Meyer Cybister Amaryllis
Treat your amaryllis like a houseplant until late spring. A sunny window is best, but a bright window is fine also. After all danger of frost is gone, the middle of May in our area, move the pot outside.
You can let your bulb grow in its pot or plant the bulb in your garden/flower bed and fertilize with your other plants. Let it grow all summer. If the bulb is in full sun and heavily fertilized the leaves may develop a few reddish areas or may sunburn in the heat of the summer.
Amaryllis bulbs are usually hardy in USDA Zones 8, 9, 10. If you don’t plan to force the bulb for Christmas, bring it in with your other tender houseplants before frost and continue treating it like a houseplant. Bright light and plant food should keep it happy during the winter. Bulbs treated this way will usually throw bloom spikes in January, February, or March If you want to try to force your bulb for Christmas blooms:
Major's Neat INFO here on Water Lilies and Fish
Heyya did you notice the kitten sniffing out the flowers?
I moved the Amaryllis closer to my Night Blooming Cereus…made the Queen of the Night feel happy. :0


oldmanlincoln said...

Beautiful set of photos.

Cat sniffing flower? Is it safe? Some flowers kill pets when eaten.

Love the Rooster.

DeeMom said...

Amaryllis is harmful to cats, BUT I just moved them there for a photo op.
Glad ya liked the pictures, Abraham. Sweetie likes his Rooster…also ~ if you press its wing it crows…
Guess who makes the Rooster Crow?

tee hee

Old Wom Tigley said...

Beautiful flower for sure, and I love the Rooster.

You asked about Sky Watch.. Dot started it and each Friday as a Blog Roll on her post.. nip over when you have time.. it's fun and an excuse to take pictures.

I look forward to seeing your Sky Watch soon then

dot said...

Hi, cute picture of the kitty and your flowers are gorgeous!
I saw your comment on my Sky Watch post. Just wanted to remind you in case you didn't understand that there is a new Mr. Linky each week so you may want to come back each week and get your name on the new one. I usually put it up on Thursday evenings (USA Eastern Time)

DeeMom said...

Thanks “O” and Dot ;)