Friday, October 19, 2007

Sunflowers, birds, berries, burning bush, Sweet shrub pods

********** The tail end [pun intended of the Cat walk]


I could not get a good picture of the birds feasting on the Sunflowers heads………………..
********** Black-capped Chickadee, (Parus atricapillus),
and Tufted titmouse ( Baeolophus bicolor)
********************* BUT I got a BLUR of one. Rather hard when Castor was with me. As I look at the picture of the sunflower head, they look as if they had been put in the pilgrims public stocks. ;)
************************* Skies opened up this am and sent forth some needed rain…we will take what is given.
****************************************** Now off for a relaxing weekend ~


Old Wom Tigley said...

Great News about the rain for you, you sky picture show it well. Love the seed heads, shame about the birds.
You do have a unique way with your writing and I find it very informative, creative, and amusing... I always enjoy my trips here in your garden.
Thanks for your visits this week, have a great weekend.

Alyssa said...

Sorry I didn't visit your posts the last few days, but I sure enjoyed them today. I love the cat walk down the leaf covered path - very picturesque! You have some very beautiful pictures. I can never get the sunflower heads to last long enough to hang them somewhere - the squirrels take care of them. The fall arrangement you have is very Martha Stewart! Very pretty.

DeeMom said...

Awwww O.W.T. What kind words about my Blog. I do take that as a compliment by the by!

Alyssa Great to Read you, MARTHA ey? HA HA Thanks…But if you look closely…the tags are still on the corn, and GADS ZOOKS, the Koi Fish food Container is there as well
OH well

Richmond was FUN, new places we visited and relaxing