Friday, October 12, 2007

Second Identification a HIT

Sorry I took so long to follow up on your suggestion but WOW and Thanks to you Entangled. Wow you made my day!


Now to ask Daughter and Son in law what color the blooms were!
I discovered in my minimal research that: Crape Myrtle was introduced in 1747; the Crapemyrtle is native to China and Korea. It is hardy from Zones 7 to 9 and can be found in the South, Southwest, and West Coast. Crapemyrtles are found as far north as Baltimore, Maryland, but they are better suited for warmer regions of the country.
Also I found: Lagerstroemia indica originated in China and was named after Magnus von Lagerstroem Quote from site! (somehow I don't see a crape or a myrtle in that name, but maybe Magnus's nickname was Myrtle). Crapes can be trained into shrubs or, if allowed to grow, will become small trees.
Pruning… Great information at this site plus a perfect picture of the trunk. Since my Crape Myrtle is only Just a year old I had no idea what it would look like as it grew. This is all very exciting.


Entangled said...

The bark on that tree at the top of your post is awesome! I don't think I've ever seen a crape myrtle that big - wonder how old that one is?

Old Wom Tigley said...

This tree as so much going for it, the trunk is so colourful and those leaves are stunning. All that colour and an abundance of nuts for the wild life.

Soosan said...

Glad you keep me informed. Most of what I ever knew, horticulturely speaking,
I had forgotten. Your pictures are loverly. :D

DeeMom said...

Entangled, after your mentioning the bark…and some minimal research I agree that particular tree has to have some years on it. When we were in DC and I was taking pictures of the trees and shrubs, I was particularly intrigued with the richness of what, thanks to you, we now as the Crape Myrtle. Ummmmmmmm wonder when mine will show a little trunk? Sure be neat to watch the little feller grow.

I so agree with you O.W.T. “All that colour and an abundance of nuts for the wild life.”

Oh wow Soosan, I did not know you had some horticultural background. The pictures however are not mine but were on some of the sites I mentioned in the blog. The ones I took in DC were not great, as the day was overcast of a tad foggy.