Saturday, October 13, 2007

Eastern Market

Fun neighborhoods:
Eastern Market:
Union Station:
I really have always enjoyed this city, Possibly one of my favorite haunts in DC the new building at the market is OPEN! This building fully replaces the damaged South hall and until the building is reconstructed, this will be the home of all the food vendors that have been so loved for 134 years! Eastern Market.
When we were here in late May of this year they were still working on resurface the entire adjacent Hine School Playground, which is also used by the weekend flea market. It is complete and looks great. We had little time to scout out the food area but I feel sure the next time we are there. I hope I can try the wonderful Blueberry pancakes and luscious crab cake sandwiches.
Meanwhile a few shots of this really neat place…


Old Wom Tigley said...

The town I live in is a Market Town, but it is not the same anymore, cheap shoddy goods have replaced most of the stall. I now go once a month to the Farmers market in a town not to distance from us, the displays of veg, and farm produce make the market look a lot nicer and the stall holders all seem more friendly. I think a market should be a fun place to be, where things are happening, and music is playing. If folk are happy and relaxed surely they will spend more.
Love the Sunflowers

Soosan said...

Whats the name of that crazy looking lime green balloon looking plant;)
The area does look like a fun place to visit. Glad you had fun and returned to tell us. :D

DeeMom said...

Soosan that also peaked my curiosity. I was fortunate enough to get a good enough picture with the name on it. So, time to investigate and answer the Question.

Gomphocarpus physocarpus
Super close up at

Hairy Balls
Gomphocarpus physocarpus Syn Asclepias physocarpa
common name Swan Plant

Tender Perennial. Large, rounded inflated fruits on long arching stems, very popular in modern floral arrangements. Height up to 180cm flowers June to September. Flowers are insignificant, fruita are translucent capsule light green in colour and inflated like balloons with soft spiny projections. Stem length up to 120cm with approx 8-10 fruits. Most attractive stems with ornamental fruits for cut flowers and conservatory plants

Asclepias (Gomphocarpus) fructicosa has become a common weed of disturbed ground and roadsides in many parts of South Africa. The shrubby foliage, which may grow 2 m high, contains toxic cardiac glycosides which may cause the death of livestock. However, the dried leaves and roots are used as snuff in traditional medicines to relieve headaches and other pain, treat tuberculosis and as an emetic. The inflated seed pods have a sharply pointed end and are covered in short, stout hairs.

O.W.T. I agree with what your said, “I think a market should be a fun place to be, where things are happening, and music is playing. “