Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Flip that Dirt

Compost Happens… ^^ Compost Site Selection


Check the Chart useful information I thought. The three primary nutrients used by plants are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; their soil had NONE of these.
Yes we did the soil tests! ;( Needless to say our trip to DC to see our daughters and Son In Law was fabulous. Helping the newly weds was neat. The Garden Center we went to was totally amazing as well. Seeing the results of JUST the Beginning of a yard makeover breath taking. Then just sitting in their back yard and admiring the Blood [holly branch in the upper lip] Sweat and tears [of laughter] was astonishing.
^^^^^^ Now I am going to need some help in identifying some trees/shrubs for them, I hope you all can help me in this one!
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I will do one picture per tree/ Shrub so I do not get confused! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Looks like this MIGHT be a Magnolia Compost Recipe! Recipe Ingredients · Air · Water · Brown stuff Green stuff


Old Wom Tigley said...

Now compost is something I'm good at, I start with thid falls leaves which are free to anyone will to bag them, then it's a trip to the veg shop and a quick word with the owner, the land rover gets backed up and loaded up, a bit smelly but worth it. Then a trip to the farm up the road, a few bags of well rotter cow manure, and a few bags of horse manure. Then the fun of mixing this soon to be rich mixture. Any stuff left over from last year goes in as well. I then cover and leave.
I also keep a few bin sacks of leaves at the back of the garden to rot down as well. Flowers and plants I'm rubbish at.
Another one I used to do was Stinging Nettle Water, if you can half full a bin or suitable container with the nettles and then just fill up with water, cover and leave well alone to brew, it stinks to high heaven but if very good for watering plants with. Beware it dose SMELL

Ki said...

The first picture looks like a Camellia. The dark green down curved leaves with the slight serrations look very much like the camellia I have. The second photo threw me a bit since the plant is so big but I still think it's a Camellia. My mother-in-law in Seattle had one that was much bigger than the one pictured but she didn't prune the lower branches so it was covered with leaves along it whole height. You can see buds at the end of some branches which is also characteristic of camellia especially at this time of the year. Magnolias usually flower in the spring and sometimes in summer but not in fall.

Alyssa said...

I don't know what kind of shrub that is but their planting area looks really neat. Hope you'll have some "after" pictues of it some time.

DeeMom said...

O.W.T. I suggested the gathering of leaves to the kids. In the City people get rid of them, and as you pointed out FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
As far as the manure goes here in the country the smell is not quite the issue it would be in the city. There are garden centers with that essence that is AGED a tad more.

Years ago when we had a few rabbits, we allowed the droppings to “steep” in water and used the “Tea” as and added ingredient. Again they are in the city.

We use our newspaper, shred it and put that in the mix, of course the NON GLOSSY paper only.

KI I do believe you hit upon a winner…Thanks

Alyssa, the area that I showed has so much potential, it will just take time to make the SAD soil Rich…and as usual Pictures ;)