Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween OR who is the CUT UP?

And the PUN one PI
As in Pumpkin Math PI
Drama; Comedy and Tragedy Spider
These are from last year, I have not had time to do any YET this year…BUT possible this coming weekend there is a strong possibility.
Camera in hand off we go again for a jaunt to see our daughters and see new and old favorite HAUNTS
%%%%%%%%%%% See ya all next week!
%%%%%%%%%%%% Need last minute ideas for a costume? This site has some really clever ones.
%%%%%%%%%%%%%% · Carry a quarter and a hammer. What are you? A Quarter-pounder.
%%%%%%%%%%%%%% · * Dress in pink and carry a feather. What are you? Tickled pink.
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% · * Dress all in black, tie a shot glass around your neck. What are you? A shot in the dark!


imac said...

My son has been doing this, for his bar work.

Annie said...

I love the pi pumpkin. It will be easy to convince my husband that we NEED a pumpkin pi(e)!

Take the time to carve one today or tomorrow. I think the pumpkin guts are therapeutic.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Stunning, look forward to seeing more of these

Kerri said...

Great pumpkin carving! Neato!

Ki said...

I'm slow, I finally got it, pumpkin pie. .)

DeeMom said...

IMAC heyya, O.W.T. Glad you are feeling better, kerri heyya, KI I tend to PUN maybe too often, it is ok Bottom line ya got it…
ANNIE, thanks for the PUSH…I had a total BLAST ~~~~~~ I needed it!
Hope you liked what I made