Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Cat Walk~~Part One

The other evening after planting the bulbs, Castor, one of our cats came along for a photo OP!
~~~~~~~~~~ Three of our cats like to “assist” me in the garden, Castor and his brother Pollux and Mufasa.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [The name "Mufasa" means "King" in the Manazoto language. from the movie The Lion King]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Castor and his brother Pollux indeed were littermates. They, all three I have spoken about, are pet rescues.
[In Greek mythology the Dioskouroi (Διόσκουροι), Kastor and Polydeuces (Κάστωρ και Πολυδεύκης), in Roman mythology the Gemini (Latin, "twins") or Castores, Castor and Pollux are the twin sons of Leda and the brothers of Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra. According to Liddell and Scott's Lexicon, kastor is Greek for "he who excels", and poludeukeis means "very sweet".]
We do tend to name our animals non traditional names, for the most part. Seems to have been a trend even when I first dated my Sweetie. That cats name was GOOSE…ya I know, but as a college student what fun to call for it in the neighbourhood.


Hope you enjoy! I of course HAD to put in a few pictures of BLUE AND GOLD cause WVU plays this Saturday. Gooooooooo Mountaineers.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (9) West Virginia [(5-1)] v Mississippi St. [(4-3)] at 3:30pm ET

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