Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost Turkey Day

OR Turkey day is for the BIRDS? HA HA
Slowly the SIMMER begins. YUP the excitement of having the kids home, smells wafting upwards. Checking the grocery list thrice…


Turkey will go in the oven tonight. Tomorrow morning before the kids arrive, the wondrous smells that evokes memories in us all. I bet the smells will drive the PUPS BONKERS.
WOW, come to think of it, this is Lily and Houses first Thanksgiving.
Jazz is finally settling down to a life with a real family…wonder if she will sense the difference, the excitement? Dear George, our elder dog, will be content to lie in the middle of any room where food MIGHT drop to the floor, while pools of drool surround his paws.
Amidst all of this, my car is ill…SIGH! By noon I will know why THAT light is on as well as if my muffler has a hole in it. I will be STUCK at the mechanics place until the verdict is pronounced.


The bummer about that is: people no longer are allowed to watch what they do to your car. Insurance, accidents etc have disallowed curious arm chair mechanics like I to learn. I do not like that! It’s not like I am going to open a shop of my own up! Geesh Louise!


Memories of less hectic times, YA memories of childhood… Dad taking me with him, while he hung out with his buddies that were mechanics. Looking back it was probably a treat from his weekly routine… Ummmmmmm ya think I was bugging Mom so I had to go with DAD? Probably likely actually… Those were great times…I really was no problem, that I RECALL! I did learn more than I thought…


So instead of being impatient this morning, I will TRY to sneak a look to see what they are doing to my car. As well as amending the grocery list. Let’s see, 1. Diet Coke 2. Root Beer 3. Snacks for the WVU Football game Saturday 4. Fresh flowers for the girls rooms 5. LIFE IS GOOD! AND YES dear daughters, the Pepperoni Rolls are freshly out of the oven awaiting your arrival. The Home Made Ice cream is forthcoming as well! LIFE IS GOOD!


Julie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a lovely day tomorrow.

DeeMom said...

your postings are so wonderful, I am so in AWE, and seldome know what to say, BUT LADY you ROCK….
Happy Thanksgiving

Yolanda said...

I totally agree. Such pretty birds and snow.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Sure hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Love the birds and the feeders